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Thyroid disease / Hashimoto or MB


For all,
- who are plagued by these diseases.
- have suffered FG or
- only got the diagnosis through the pregnancy and for the,
- who, despite these illnesses, became pregnant AND remained. 


  • reply - 1: I'll start. I learned from my SD SS and Hashimoto through my 1st SS.
    tsh was 8 at that time!

    At the end of the third month, my SS ended with a subsequent AS.
    I was not advised by my gyne and SD doctor neither to the disease nor to the blood picture and should just take the tablets.
    But I also had according to blood picture extreme deficiencies of vitamins (D, iron, etc.)
    Which is why my baby became an asterisk, I want to be prepared this time and fill my vitamins (Vorallen vit. D) !! It is best to inform yourself and then ask the doctor specifically.

    Today you are at 0.8 TSH! Optimal conditions :-)
    I take L-thyroxine since the FG and during the SS I took Thyranojod.

  • reply - 2: I also have hypothyroidism and have been taking L-Thyrox for several years. My values ​​were always ok until I dropped the pill. All of a sudden, my value in the cellar was 0.2. Currently I should omit one tablet a week ...
    I urgently need to check my scores because my test was positive on the weekend. Let's see how the value has changed.
  • reply - 3: Congratulations on the positive test !!  

    In pregnancy, the values ​​probably increase! Let you definitely test again !!
    And also ask if you need to switch to iodine.

  • reply - 4: Thank you
    I have my first appointment on Monday, so I will address it.
  • reply - 5: I also have Hashimoto ... Last year 2 FG (6/7 Ssw) Unfortunately right behind each other. I got pregnant when I started taking Vit.D. The TSH was 10.5! Meanwhile, I take L-Thyroxine100 and the TSH is around 2.0.
    In addition, even a coagulation disorder was found ... Must from pos. Test heparin inject.
    My husband and I are hibbling again ... I am quite optimistic and keep our fingers crossed !!!

  • reply - 6: I'm keeping my fingers crossed too !!!

    I'm sorry with your 2 FG :-(
    After the second one gets an intensive investigation or? Did you have one?

    Do you remember by chance what your value was in the coagulation disorder?
    I was close to the standard limit and had constantly lubricating bleeding in front of my FG ...
    I also ask my doctor today.
    I'm just before 6 at Gyn.
    I hope I can remember all the questions :-)

    Tip: let your vitamins test! Even if it partly costs something!

  • reply - 7: Hello,
    I also have a hashimoto.
    I've known for years and am well-adjusted. (Take the 75mg)
    At my first pregnancy the scores were consistently good and I was able to maintain my normal dose. At that time I became pregnant in the first attempt.
    Now we are hibbling in the 9th attempt on a sibling and I wonder if this has medical causes or just bad luck.
    I had a check of the values ​​in November and it was perfect at 1.01.
    In the middle of April I have an appointment with my gynecologist and then she should check me out. If everything fits, then we'll just have to wait .....
  • reply - 8: My thyroid is out because I had a knot. Is anyone here operated on and knows how this is in the case of an SS? Currently I am set very well about 2.0 and hope that nothing will change! Is the value in the normal SS provision also controlled by the FA?
  • reply - 9: I have no knots.

    What value do you mean? TSH? TSH is being tested :-) That's how I learned about my illness.

  • reply - 10: I got 25 tablets yesterday from my doctor for the thyroid. I was completely unknown that is synonymous to the SD values ​​pay attention. That surprised me a lot.

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