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Here is room for pictures, memes, discussions.
Spoiler Please announce: z.b. so:



(Leave blank space so you can run and scroll away)

Here comes the spoiler.
Memes are not spoilers, that's difficult to censor.

The game is always on.


  • reply - 1: If anyone is interested, the new episode of GOT is already online at skygo  
  • reply - 2: Moooooooootz! Your turn !!

    Only on sky?

  • reply - 3: As far as I know the German premiere is only on sky. Free TV will be released much later.
  • reply - 4: Ok. Do we still fill the old thread?
  • reply - 5: Amazon from tomorrow
  • reply - 6: fat! But costs, want? Must start from the beginning anyway. But I have set myself firmly.
  • reply - 7: Yes, only to buy. I have the dvd of Season 1 and I think so too 2.the rest only as a stream. DVD I can lend you
  • reply - 8:   

    It has someone else's birthday on the day. 

  • reply - 9: Who? 
  • reply - 10: "Anyone." ;-)

    Do not spoil, if you know. I have a surprise party planned!

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