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Hello everyone,
Here are so many posts that are all actually related to the theme of how to get his little angel's best to bed, so he / she really sleeps there.
Maybe all the experienced mommies can tell you how they did it best.
Many Thanks :-)


  • reply - 1: Hi! So our little one is now 3 months old and sleeps for a month and the 11h. We separated it from the beginning, sleeping in the living room in the bed during the day and sleeping in the bedroom in our bed at night. Just works great :)
    We always let her fall asleep alone (I was in the same room, but she did not notice it;) and now I put her in, sing another song, if she likes and then light off nightlight and sleep :)
    best regards
  • reply - 2: Hello milenamausowitz,
    how did you manage to "fall asleep alone"?
  • reply - 3: Hi pueppie87, Are you already mum? Now to your question: she is lying in her bed and the light is not quite out so we have a night light on. When we go to sleep, we turn it off. Since she can stop looking a bit and then she sleeps sucking a :) only sometimes a few times nucki you take it nucki, or you have it in front ?. I also do not play a music box, somehow it is without relaxed ... You should stay true to its scheme from the beginning, otherwise you confused the child. If you z.b. The little Imme rocking to sleep, it always wants it! lg
  • reply - 4: hey pueppi,
    Phil is 9 weeks old and sleeps between 6 and 9 hours at night. He has done that almost from the beginning, fortunately. During the day I have him in the playpen, so with higher ground, in my living room because I have him from every room of the apartment in view and can talk to him. He has a long awake time in the evening starting at 6 pm and then he often wants to have his chest. At around 11 pm he then falls asleep in his bedroom with us in his small bed. For this we need a dark room, small night light, sometimes the pacifier and I stroke his hands and then it does not take long and he is in the land of dreams :-)
    LG Julia
  • reply - 5: Hey,
    yes my little one is now 3 months and has the first 2 months much slept on our arm or in my bed and now we fight every night to get him in his bed :-) somehow without success.lg

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