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How is your education going?


I think we are slowly getting to an age where this topic is becoming more and more important.
do you handle your education? Just out of the belly or want
you consciously authoritarian or anti-authoritarian educate? Which advantages
Do you see in your education? An example: the child beats on the
Floor / table / face or similar - how do you govern it? Should it
try, or is scolded? I look forward to your contributions: o)


  • reply - 1: I have a lot of sitter experience and could watch something so well .. us courtesy is very important, so if you talked and it talks in between, we tell him quietly that it should just wait until we are done (nat. we do not chatter then stdlang on, but rather a few sentences). To hunt is not tolerated, it will be explained calmly, if she deliberately ignores it, she will be sent away.
    Consequences are important, as well as clear boundaries. Eternally empty threats do not bring anything, the child does not take you seriously and you make yourself ridiculous.
    She should please respect us, she gets from us too. Prohibitions are justified as soon as mgl, age-appropriate, but then enforced.
    Well, if that sounds careless now: she gets her cuddly rituals too, like at bedtime, we always like to cuddle her with her.
    Over the years, I've learned that kids really do not mind if you set the limits and stick to them, if necessary energetically. They knew that I still loved them and they always cuddle when they need it. :)
  • reply - 2: absolutely belly feeling and with loving strict and consequence.
    If you feel like painting the wallpaper of Auntie Gaby then I do not hold it. As for the example of you I would admonish her and as a consequence she may have hurt herself. learning effect I prefer. but hate z.b. do not exist. there is scolded.
    I think that we can only grow children with rules and boundaries healthy.
    like our parents did, we would like to educate similarly. Leash loosely hold that we felt free to try it out but when needed tighten the leash.
    at one or the other place, I will certainly be stricter than my parents suspect ^ ^
    Principles of courtesy are important to me as well as halfway table culture. So I mean but I'm not the ne 3 year old 4h piece of omas coffee table sitting. rather, do not pop in the local like the farmer and organize romping contests.
  • reply - 3: we are currently very mixed. My partner is consistent and she also listens to him when he says "no." I seldom say no, but I'm also not sure if that's so good, and if I rant then she'll cry like crazy and then I can hardly stand firm - she has to cuddle immediately ... mhm is certainly not so good, but then I'm so sorry (she is still so small: o)). My parents were quite strict with unimportant things and in important very lassiv.I want to do very differently and am therefore currently uncertain how I should proceed best.Well, will be over time: o)
  • reply - 4: I think so too. There you will intuitively find your own way.
    but her reaction to your no tells you she realizes that oh mum's sound is very different.
    does not mean that you can not cuddle them after scolding, only she should not have the feeling (yes, you can convey through words) that you are sorry for what you have just done or that it was wrong.
    save the hard guns for heavy power fights. even if you do not say no often synonymous because it depends on the sound. Do not let the house make you insecure. my daughter z.b. cries too, if I say emphatically no because they z.b. would like to resist the tv. look at the sideboard long she just can not do that. then she shrugs and cries for a short or moan and leaves it. if she cries badly I just steer her and say z.b. lovingly no toad there is no discussion. and zack is the "still" with her eaten.
  • reply - 5: My mouse will be 10 months soon. And we start already with the no. Partly she understands it, but it is lamented or jacked. I stick to it. Consistently, because there is not much where she can not get to. Everything else I let her try.
  • reply - 6: You simply do not do your child a favor unless you stick to his line consistently. They test nat., What they achieve with crying and play if the parents against each other, therefore agreement and pulling together is very important.
    It unsettles the mice, if one does not set clear limits. That's what parents are there for: explaining the world and its rules and guiding them through it.
  • reply - 7: that you have brought to the point super esthi73
  • reply - 8: I am also for rules, because without it a social life would be very difficult. The question that I find most important in education, however, is how best to convey these rules: authoritarian prohibitions, partnership declarations, or rewarding "right" behavior and ignoring false (practically indirect) education.
  • reply - 9: Thanks, Becksi :)

    Hm, I would like to convey their prohibitions with the already mentioned loving austerity. She should know that she does not want to annoy her, but there are reasons why she should not do many things.
    Reward good behavior reminds me more of dog training ..;)
    But I find it very bad, if parents explain to a 1.5-year-old so anti-authoritarian-moderate, why he can not just pull the other child's shovel over Kopp. There will be energetic "no!" or "stop!" said, if it continues then, the shovel is gone, when it is screamed, it's off to the house, bad luck.

    But what do you do when another child hurts your child? And this child has so Luschi parents who forbid him nothing? Or if it takes away your favorite play and you cry?
    I think, then I would intervene, if necessary, with a little sharper tone to the poor naughty brat opposite, although that can really give trouble, poof ..

  • reply - 10: Neither anti-authoritarian nor authoritarian! ^ ^ The demagogic style of education! ^^ I would forbid it but do not complain immediately, a consistent no and then explain why! ^^ Lg :-)

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