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Feeling like being boxed inside out


Good Morning,

I'm in the 13 + 0 weekends (juhu 1st trimester over) and I have not had any complaints for several days. Sometimes, however, I have the feeling in the abdomen (abdomen) than when boxing from the inside out. I think it's the gut. Or? It is not always the same. Time left, right or center. Does anyone know?


  • reply - 1: Yeah well that's not going to be your baby now.
    It's just too early for that and the baby is still far too small to feel it.
  • reply - 2: the baby is also only 6.5cm tall (as of Tuesday).
  • reply - 3: Swanni, your first child ?! I have read of some who already in the 14 weeks have wanted to have felt, but where it was then the 2nd 3rd or 4th child.
    I personally did not feel my crumb until about the 22nd week. And in the beginning that is also very easy.

    I wish you a good and beautiful ball time :)

  • reply - 4: yes it will be my first child. I pay close attention to my body and its touch, pinching etc.
  • reply - 5: hey with me it is also the first kind.und I have the same, which lets me right and left and pinch and a pinch aua lassen.ich always look at everything that happened in my body. I am now 17 weeks and always waiting for something that makes me feel the worm. And if I then realize that wild :-)
  • reply - 6: Hey,
  • reply - 7: I'm in the 15 + 0 weekdays today and since yesterday tweaks and pokes it from the belly button to the left down direction left thigh. But stop first. What's this? That does not worry me now but already a strange feeling.
    Does anyone else have that?
  • reply - 8: The tweaking and throbbing is normal from time to time and it tickles a little too .. as time goes by you will feel more feelings in the stomach :)

    From the inside to the outside boxing in the 13ssw .. unlikely that it is your baby, it is still too small :) but you'll see wue quickly it comes. So from the 17ssw it gets more intense. I am now in the 29ssw and you can see the movements even on the abdominal wall that is so sweet :)

    All the best :)

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