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Gynecologist change due to relocation


Hello my dears,
There are now many who have already moved or move ...
I'm moving away from the current place of residence for about 80km next week. Have you been looking for a new doctor in the new environment or are you commuting (of course reasonable routes) to the end of pregnancy for your preventive appointments to the previous doctor? I'm completely at a loss, I'm totally thrilled with my current FÄ. So far, my SS was a "walk" - only what if in the end but problems arise and I would have every day to control? Have already requested some new FÄ in the new environment, but some take no new patients or have no short-term appointments ... How do you do that? For such a short time you can not build a real relationship of trust


  • reply - 1: Hello
    So I moved to my first SS cca 80km ... I have to say commuter dear. I am the whole value. But I have to say that I can always spend the night with my mom and she then takes care of my son.

    I hope this will suit you :)

  • reply - 2: I think that would be worth it. Am starting next week so synonymous regardless of the times, since I then take the rest of leave before maternity leave ... Have just a bit of jitters when it comes to the ET. Do not know how many times I would have to check just before birth. Namely, I would like to give birth in the clinic in the new place of residence. That's why I want to know how most people will do it. I'm just totally insecure ...
  • reply - 3: That surely can be discussed in the "short questions" ...
    Personally, I would just look for a new FA.
  • reply - 4: I was looking for a new doctor. I have to commute so much already (eg midwife) because then I do not feel like it anymore. Is then only june / july. Sure, the stupid is the doc to know, but then I bite in the sour apple :)
  • reply - 5: I also looked for a new gynecologist
    Have also sold my car and then would always drive just under 60km by bus and if somehow it should be something and I have to go more often, that is really annoying
    Now have one directly in place, that is much better
  • reply - 6: I'll probably then just once again on Friday to complete a telephone marathon and try to achieve something ... stupid situation ...
  • reply - 7: Good morning .... So I have just moved Although not as far as you from berlin-marzahn to Bernau! But I have to say a good std driving time, I also have my fä. Am now 30 + 2 since now so slowly the summer is coming and it is not easier for us, from the kh where I want to give birth after asked if a further treatment is possible with them. It is possible then have a transfer from my fä get and be treated now over the kh on. ..... or the midwives take over that !!!!
  • reply - 8: hello janzanders. I also wondered whether a further care about the hospital would be possible - especially since the hospital is only 10 minutes walk from the new apartment ;-) I'll discuss the subject next week with my FÄ & in the KH request .. Would be It would be cool if that would work.
  • reply - 9: So I can not understand that a pregnant woman is rejected as a new patient. I'm of the opinion that it should not happen at all.
    Keep your fingers crossed for finding someone. Just think in the summer and then in the end maybe every 2 days to control would be very stressful.

    Edit: well that you understood what I mean, although there are a few words missing;)

  • reply - 10: Thanks N3tte! That's just my train of thought, it could be really stressful! I hope, too, that I will achieve something ... I am also independent of the times - I have the time from 8-18 o'clock ...

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