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slight bleeding in the 15.ssw


Hello, I'm in the 15th Ssw, I had a miscarriage without bleeding in the 8th week earlier this year. The heart sounds were just gone .... I'm very afraid that something could go wrong again. I always have some blood on the toilet paper. My doctor told me as long as it was so little I should not worry. But I can not stop this fear. For a long time nothing was red anymore. Today I am very scared. Now nothing is left. Was it someone like that? Greetings and thank you.


  • reply - 1: hello alexandra..I had bleeding about 9-10 ssw. came and went and came long as there is no fresh blood you should not have to worry, but I had a polyp at the cervix, which had to be done away with and had the bleeding triggered again and again ..

    wish you all the best :)

  • reply - 2: yes I had too .. also only very little ... can it be that you have hurt possible white bottom down and have not noticed? that could happen too. Do not worry about it .. as you describe it sounds quite normal :)

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