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I built crap


Dear women .. it will probably rain stones here .. but I beg you .. listen to me and try to understand my fear ..
I built a big crap ...
I already have a sprout..since for a long time it only crashes in our relationship .. lie on his part. He is never there..i can not even believe him that he works ""
Now we were almost separated .. I was with my mother for a couple of days and slept with a friend, you can not call it, it was well .. couple times out of it .. I am very very uncomfortable and embarrassing about it talk .. I'm ashamed ..
But now I am because of our little and because of promises (which I have already heard 1000 times before)
Back again ... it works but it is great distrust of both there .. Certain irritability .. Dispute .. but still we sit together ...
I tested positive today ..
And that's my problem ... I'm so terrified that something happened with this short mistake ..
I'm scared that if I take it away I will not be clear ... I do not want a child from this man ..
Then again I am afraid to make a mistake, what if it is from my husband I take it off and regret it?
What if it's from the friend and it is in 9 months and I'm there .. with 2 children because he leaves me because of the fraud ..
I really can not tell him what happened .. he would probably even beat me ..
I am so desperate and hate myself so much for this mistake


  • reply - 1: When a man beats you. . Leave him no matter what you did .. that does not work.

    Otherwise, from the gynecologist appointment..Viell you have luck and the pregnancy week found there does not fit in with the purely out together .. then you know it is from your husband and can calm it come. About the other you will worry only when definitely both come into question ..

    Hope you understand how I mean that.
    Keep your fingers crossed that it's from your husband and your relationship will be fine soon!

  • reply - 2: You are in a pretty bad situation ... if I may be honest.
    But honestly, even if you're pregnant by your husband .... is that what you want ?!
    I do not condemn you that you had something with another man ... that shows me that it is a cry for help / was that you can no longer ... think for yourself.

  • reply - 3: Hello! Join the opinion from above .. Think that no matter which man comes into question a child is now no solution (sry am against abortion but in such a case it just makes everyone unhappy ..)
  • reply - 4: Honestly ???
    It was similar to me before Fabian was conceived but I was very much in love with another man.
    But to this day I am with my husband.
    And now have a child.

    I understand that the mistake happened to you. This happens when one no longer feels loved or betrayed, or marriage simply consists of strife.

    My husband always said if I just kissed another guy he will leave me.
    I also had Mega scared but then it confessed him. With the thought that it is over then u will take off.
    But he forgave me and as evidence he made an appointment for artificial insemination.
    Have to say that with me was guilty among others that I was a stranger because I like children and my husband did not. And it did not work either. And I just felt in everything understood by the other man.

    Do not know how your husband will react. Everyone is different.
    But talk to him.
    Either your marriage is so strong that it makes it or it was already so broken that it just was not enough. Sounds bad. But only then can you be happy again. For a marriage without trust or even if you only argue is in the long run so doomed to fail.
    Because of the child Hmmm well I wish you that you are ss.
    Are you sure?

  • reply - 5: Honestly I think if baby 1 was not there, our relationship would be over long ago ..that would not hurt anyone ..
    Only because of him I am here now ...
    I still love him somewhere .. but we somehow less so I have the feeling .. So often where I caught one, although with the flat hand but still .. So often he promises that everything will be better ...
    I can not say enough to you how scared I am ..
    Where should I go?
    He deserves the money?
    He paid everything in the apartment..I stand there without nothing ..
    That with the friend was really only a Verstiflungstat in the liquor ... I wanted to forget everything Finally forgot myself at the evening and then this mist happened .. I know nothing more about it ..
    I feel like a piece of filth ... does not go for me in a relationship does not matter how bad she is ..

    If I believe my calendar is set to 28 days, it is from him so my husband. And if I go out of the longest cycle 30 the friend could slip in ..
    I call today directly to the women's art and hope she can probably help me ...
    I'm so sad

  • reply - 6: I do not know you all personally .. but it's so good that you listen to me and answer :-(
    Many Thanks
  • reply - 7: Do not be angry with me that I'm writing this now ...
    He beats you and you're still with him ????
    You have a child. What happens if the child gets caught? ???
    And such things as he deserves the money and everything belongs to him .... blah blah blub
    We live in a social state and women who get something like that get help and support financially too. ..
    As for the unborn baby. ... listen to your heart also a 2nd baby you will be big lied even without the men.
    I wish you all the best :)
  • reply - 8: I have to agree with Schiertz. Your situation is more than shitty, but a man who beats you does not work. And you get a lot of support these days when you're alone. Sure it will not be easy, but definitely the better option compared to catching one now and then. And then with children in the house - absolute no-go.
    Although I am somebody who would not stay with my husband just because we have a child together. Of course, the child comes first but I also want to lead a happy life and that does not work if you are not primarily out of love with someone. And then something also transfers to the dwarves.
    Wish you all the best.
  • reply - 9: I do not condemn you for the things you did, sometimes you do not understand your own actions.

    But! Now I urge you to go to the gynecologist and get the address of a counseling center to help you get out of the relationship with your current husband. You are not happy there and I think you also know that you really do not belong there anymore. Just staying together because of the child is often worse than a breakup, even for the child.

    Think of your child and possibly also of your abdominal worm and make the best of your life with the help of counseling centers, women's shelters or whatever! You develop tremendous powers when you fight for something. I wish you good luck and I believe we would always build you up again if you go the right way. Cheer up, you can do it!

  • reply - 10: I am sitting at the fa ..
    I do not think that you see what but maybe you can tell me if you are on the basis of hcg, how far I am and with whom it fits more ..
    It's always been my horror idea, a situation I never thought I'd ever get into
    I did not tell my husband that I tested positive.
    Do you know I can imagine and indeed I know that you can do it no matter how .. I grab my other also .. but since I came together with him 4 years ago .. he just did everything for me .. I had a relatively carefree life..don't have to work ..
    He made me weak by that .. I feel a little bit like I'm 16 and I have to start over again .. ALL start again ..
    and alone, that alone makes me so worried .. earlier I would have shit on what someone says about me .. Now I worry about everything .. what people say that know me .. what will only a shitstorm about me break in if it my whole family finds out..that are very bad vices even though those in the individual families enough mist is ..

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