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Hello everybody
I am now in the 8 + 3 ssw and it is my 2kind
I already have water in my legs :-(
I had it all the time ... in my first ss I had only towards the end of a lot of water in the legs and then it went
And today I have it again
I'm just afraid that it will be more :(
Today mittsg ivh had already been milk .... point in t'shirt


  • reply - 1: I already have water deposits :-(
  • reply - 2:

    Whether it helps with something I do not know - but in general, when I had time to get more water (yes, one has on some days) always helped a bath with sea salt - but really in high enough dosage. From Basis Balance there is such a bath additive eg in the health food store. The difference before / after you could always see clearly - again very tight skin and the pants were loose again ....

    Is probably not a comparison to the deposits in the SS .... but it is still worth a try anyway?

  • reply - 3: So bath in sea salt? I also have the problem :-(
  • reply - 4: I'll give it a try
    It can not do harm;)
  • reply - 5: The problem with the water I know too !! Have already crunched out my compression stockings from the first pregnancy and washed !!! I had at the first pregnancy so bad water retention the N. had to be brought earlier !! :-(
  • reply - 6: I've been hurting my hands for a few weeks at night, so they fall asleep.

    Now it's getting more and more, got proper sausage fingers and and the feeling that the hands are swollen and a little pain now I have all day. I have it in my legs as well, but only when I squat down.

    Is that also water, so partial? o_O

  • reply - 7: That's water too. I had that during my pregnancy too.
  • reply - 8: I have that with my hands too. The right hand hurts, as if I had dislocated something.
    And these are water retention?
    I heard that, funny enough, drinking should help.What are your experiences?
  • reply - 9: Thanks! Yes, I've read that too, but unfortunately I can only manage 1, 5 l a day, almost twice as much since the SS. I have it every day meanwhile, no matter what and how much I have drunk / eaten the day before. You should not drain on your own, because the baby is being dewatered.
  • reply - 10: I join you. Have for some time water in hands, legs and face :(
    According to my midwife, I should no longer take raw food or in the evening, etc. seems to aufhibitions. I should eat protein and in the evening always a broth. Helps mostly very well, but little varied and in the long run really shit.

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