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Problems after birth


My little one was due to hypoglycaemia and low temperature on the neonatal ward. Are there any other babies with adjustment disorders?


  • reply - 1: Our mouse had to be brought by emergency cut but has no adjustment disorder but a swallowing and suction weakness and is since birth on 14.11 on the neonatology and we will not be able to take them home before the end of January.

    She needs a tracheotomy for her safety and a stomach tube to cover her diet.

  • reply - 2: Oh my God thank God he came to the world on 10.12 since 15.12 at home everything was great today 22.12 his belly navel has fallen off.
    However, I have problems I had a blood jam I had to open the mouth because today is totally painful And unpleasant but I bleed again
  • reply - 3: Oh dear, love the little ones !!

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