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Unilaterally swollen lymph nodes


Today I could feel a thick lymph node but only on the left side.
I also have a slight sore throat.
In mid-April I had Pfeiffer's glandular fever, but I was not yet pregnant.
I am now in the 6ssw and I'm afraid to get it back or that something else is wrong.
There is so much garbage on the internet.
That's why my question to you if you had that synonymous with the lymph nodes and you may take me a little scared before I go to the doctor. Thanks in advance.
mfg Jane


  • reply - 1: Hello Jane,
    Lymph nodes can become engorged when there is inflammation in the body, of whatever kind. The two lymph nodes also do not need to be evenly swollen, and other lymph nodes on the body can also swell, e.g. in the bar. The most common is the swelling of the lymph nodes on the neck, if you have a cold. I've had that many times and it fits wonderfully to the sore throat. If it gets worse or you get other symptoms, you can still go to the family doctor and if it is just for you to get advice on what you can safely take in a cold and pregnancy.
  • reply - 2: For me, a lymph node swells at the neck whenever I get only a cold sore or my gums are a little bit inflamed nearby. Can also have harmless causes. Would also suggest to breathe deeply, continue to observe and if you have a very bad feeling or get more symptoms (do not know me with the glandular fever, which you can probably best estimate), you can go to the doctor! Best not to read on the Internet, that's just scary!
  • reply - 3: Hello Jane, with me was swollen just over 3 weeks ago and a lymph node behind the left left ear link and also hurt a little. Trigger was probably a small inflamed area on the head (unfortunately I'm a little Knibbler). I first watched him and left the spot on the head completely alone. Shortly thereafter, the lymph node was back to normal. So I can only agree with the previous speakers - try to keep calm and watch him. In case of doubt, but rather once before the doctor.
  • reply - 4: Maybe you can rename the thread and generalize z. B Be sick during the SS or so :) have auxh just a summer flu and may not take anything, maybe you can then also on home remedies / homeopathy etc. Exchanging.
  • reply - 5: Hello Jane,

    Illnesses in pregnancy always make you a little nervous and luckily you have already got some answers and good advice.
    We also have a thread on diseases and diseases in pregnancy, here fit your concern certainly well into, if you have more questions.
    In any case, I wish you a speedy recovery!

    Here I close for the sake of clarity.

    LG, Sinsonte from the mod team.

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