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Hello my dears,


  • reply - 1: So usually the gestational diabetes after birth is. in a known it was just. a lot of healthy food. She also smells only a handful of fruit. Usually the gestational diabetes is trying to get under control with nutrition.
  • reply - 2: I am now in the second SS and both times I developed SS diabetes. At the beginning it is tried to reduce the blood sugar by changing the diet. So only eat whole grain things. To limit everything else ... Fruits can be eaten by the way, if you put it in yoghurt (natural yoghurt without anything else inside) -> the yoghurt causes the fructose to rise more slowly to the sugar level. Above all, you have to stop looking, that you eat not just a kind of carbohydrates to a meal ... So mix nice: whole wheat bread, bissl yogurt or cottage cheese, bissl fruit ... Drink only water and tea if possible. With that and some exercise after the meal you can achieve a lot. If it is not enough, the carbohydrates are more spread ... Then it's time to weigh. At the moment I'm eating 6-7 meals a day (every 2-2.5 hours) But even with me that was not enough at lunchtime, so I have to inject insulin. What you always have to think about: By cutting the umbilical cord, the diabetes is over in most cases! (I'm looking forward to a jumbo crumble cake the day after birth: D)
  • reply - 3:

    Tomorrow I have to be diabetologist and I'm curious what comes out of three values ​​was one too high ...

    Do you notice before that you have S-diabetes?

  • reply - 4: No, you do not realize it. The values ​​are not at all bad for adults, but too high for the baby.As a result, the baby then already produces insulin to lower his blood sugar level. Insulin is also a growth hormone, which means that the babies can be a bit too big ...
  • reply - 5: Hello everybody,

    in my special package, which I bought at the beginning of the SS at my doctor, is also included the diabetes test. I will do that on 6.02. do. I'm also a bit overweight and have gained 4.3 kg so far. But also know a girl what is totally thin and in the SS had only increased in the stomach, but also had diabetes ... I'm curious what comes out of me.

  • reply - 6: The weight before the SS does not necessarily have anything to do with whether you develop SS diabetes or not. I was close to being underweight before the first SS and before the second normal weight ... It all depends on whether the SS hormones inhibit insulin production too much and / or limit the effectiveness of insulin. That happens in 2-14% of women. Good: Overweight, diabetes in the family, relatively high age of the mother (I was 32 in the first SS) increase the risk a bit. But in itself it can hit anyone. The risk of having the second SS diabetes, if you had it in the first one, is then 50% and even higher if you also had to inject insulin in the first one. But I did not care! I wanted a second child and will most likely get a third ... :)
  • reply - 7: @ marzipaan: Are your children because now already larger than normal, or was your first baby already larger (I mean it for the week of pregnancy)? My little one is in the norm ... I am also 32 and it is my first child ... I hope very much that everything is ok ...
  • reply - 8: I also have an appointment for glucose test on Wednesday.
    It's my first pregnancy and I'm panned, what comes out at the result.

    I would like to report.

  • reply - 9: Very nice of you Kiwus01! So I'm just a little bit upset, I'm so glad that it has worked out so fast with the pregnancy that I have no complaints except heartburn and had (just got quite overweight and had read there that longer could have lasted or at least can not work) and somehow wait for something else that "spoiled" my pregnancy ... Just running all too well, you know what I mean?
  • reply - 10: my first child came with 52 cm and only 2800g in the world .. The second is now unfortunately out of scale with head circumference and size ... But this time the diabetes has started much earlier or was discovered very early (16th week) Let's see, I hope that this is now somewhat overgrown ... Unfortunately, took 5 weeks to bring the diabetes under control. :(

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