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Cuddly mice - or not ...


Hello my dears!


  • reply - 1: hey lena, it's similar with us ... so that leefke can no longer be weighed down by a weigh. but we have noticed that it is at the position that makes si then even more stormy. she likes it best to sit or to be taken upright on the arm, so she can look around ... main thing vertical;)
    maybe that works for you too ... press your thumb
  • reply - 2: Here is no cuddly baby. Calming still works best in the aviator's grip through the apartment.

    Self-breastfeeding is only food intake. If I mistakenly put him to sleep, it's time for Zeter and Mordio ...

  • reply - 3: With us also helps rather the vertical wearing, so he can watch! He only rarely wants to cuddle. Prefer to play and fax. Maybe that will change again and it's just a phase.
  • reply - 4: Hello Lena, I also believe that this is just a phase - where the little ones discover everything new. It is not always the same with our Noah .... sometimes he is very cuddly and wants to cuddle, then there are times when he just wants to sleep alone in his bassinet and have his peace. Think the cuddle will be back soon. Otherwise, just caress it gently while wrapping over the face and body, my little boy really likes it and enjoys it (mostly
  • reply - 5: So Clara is a cuddly mouse. She prefers to sleep close to me and she likes to cuddle during the day. But she also does not like to be held in the arm lying down, that she has never liked before. Her favorite place was / is the shoulder. If she gets restless at night then she calms down right away when I hold her hands. Caressing only by the face when she sleeps you can not with her, then she will wake up, because she has unfortunately inherited my light sleep. It's best if we take a nap together. I'll miss that when she's out of old age. Oh yes and kisses on the cheek, she finds totally funny.
  • reply - 6: Max has always been very cuddly. But in recent times that varies massively. Sometimes I can not even leave the room without him. And sometimes he only screams more when I pick him up ...But I have no idea what that should be. But my sister, who already has 3 children, only means that I should sit out quite calm and that it will be better again. Well, I hope so!
  • reply - 7: Well, then I hope that it is really only one phase and someday it will be better again. Right or in the airman's grip, Philipp also carries himself, but because he sees so much of the world, and not because he is with me wants to be.
  • reply - 8: I can understand you, Lena. Henrik had such a phase too. Since then I can only give him the bottle if he lies on the nursing pillow in front of me. Not on your arm. That hurts a lot :-(
  • reply - 9: The other day, a threefold mummy told me that her first two were total cuddling kids, and the third one was not. It was very bad for her and she was afraid that something was wrong. In infancy, but then changed. The little one now fetches all the cuddles he missed in infancy.
  • reply - 10: I hope so, mine is unfortunately not a big clown

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