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So I was hoping that here also find someone from the beautiful Alb. I myself come from Bitz and if everything goes well at the end of July in the hospital Albstadt my crumbs bring to the world.


  • reply - 1: Huhu .... So we live in Albstadt-Talfingen not far away :-)) our ET: 07.07.2014 and I would like to deliver in Ebingen if everything goes well :-) you know what it already becomes?
  • reply - 2: Yeah, there's still someone from Alba - I thought I was alone

    I do not know what it will do. But tomorrow I have the next appointment with good luck, the crumbs from the right side.
  • reply - 3: Noooiii you bisch it alloi :-))
    we have also only last week experienced in 18 + 3 with us will be a little princess..drűcke all the thumbs that I have that it shows ...
  • reply - 4: Huhu one more :-) am now 20 + 1 and since yesterday I know it will be a boy. Am from Messstetten. Best regards
  • reply - 5: Nice that there are still more from here.
  • reply - 6: Thought I'm the only one :-) would like to deliver in ebingen. (25.7.)
  • reply - 7: Since I am on 23.7. Appointment has the big chance that we meet in Ebingen.
  • reply - 8: Well possible :-)
  • reply - 9: Hello you ;-) Am also recently moved from BB to Haigerloch-Owingen. Nice that there are others here from the area. :-)
  • reply - 10: Hello I'm from Bisingen and have ET on 10.07.14

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