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Fill in and dump

Spilling out something requires far less precision than giving it back! This has certainly been shown to you by your child since it can cause a chaos in an instant like a whirlwind. It is one of the first fine motor skills that your child learns - and what you learn once you have to practice with all your might!

As much as it drives you to despair, but this "all-for-nothing" activity is an important exercise in your perception: your child learns to grasp that an object, such a handbag, other items may contain such as keys, purses and handkerchiefs. So once he understands that, he'll be happy to clear it out.

So prepare for this phase by having suitable games at hand. Removing building blocks from a box, wooden blocks from a molding board, toys from the shelf, and making stable jigsaw pieces out of a jigsaw puzzle are nice pursuits for your child and keep it from activities like emptying the box of cat treats on the floor.

When it has grasped the "gutting out", then it's time to learn the "guts". Some of the above mentioned tasks can now be reversed. (Although you probably will not be able to get your child away with great enthusiasm.) This trains your child's visual and mental muscular play and fine motor skills. After that, you can encourage it to more demanding performance, such as To fill raisins in a container with a narrow opening or to put different forms into a plug-in cube.

So you can help your child with the pull and push toy while learning to walk

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