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Journey to visit sick relatives ...


Hello girls,

have a question for you, because I'm really torn:

My grandmother has been in need of long-term care and for some time now it is going downhill. My mom, who mostly cares for her, worries that she might die before our little man comes (ET 10.09.).

Actually, I would like to drive (about 2 hours by train) but I'm worried that this might not be good for the little one. On the one hand, of course, the train ride in the heat (unfortunately have no car) and on the other hand, I had already in the 20th SSW once in labor, as I had taken care of my grandma, because my mom had to go to the hospital. The gynecologist said that the emotional stress (because I really go to the kidneys to see my grandmother like this) is to blame and I should take care of that.

On the other hand, I'm really scared that I might miss the last chance to see my grandma again. She was always there for me and I have the feeling that I would let her down now.

What would you do in this situation? And you know, how is that, if I should decide to drive and the little one decides to come: How can I get home then, have my midwife and everything for the baby here, etc. ??? And my mom would have no room for a longer time for me and a dwarf, but ne train ride with a couple of days old baby is not the true ...


  • reply - 1: Oh man, I'm really sorry for you.
    I think nobody can make it from us who did not live it once (I do not wish it for anyone).
    However, I know what it's like being away from a beloved grandma when she's feeling sick. I grew up with myself and can understand what it feels like to be very close to his grandma.
    Unfortunately I can not tell you what to do, or what is the right one. This will only be known in retrospect.
    If I were in your place, I would drive. I could not forgive myself for not taking my grandma's arm again. How many weeks are you now? I would agree with the doctor, and not drive alone. But I would drive.

    No matter what you decide, I wish you all the best. And firmly press the thumb that holds out your grandma

  • reply - 2: My father became seriously ill, as I was in the 7th month. I was with him almost every day. Of course it was emotional stress for me, but I was allowed to spend a lot of time with him and it was worth every minute. I would drive. Do not stop alone.
  • reply - 3: Hey I would look at your place jemamd who has a car and then let me drive, it could not forgive me if my grandma would not see again. Express yourself to your dwarf and your grandma's thumb that everything will be fine
  • reply - 4: I would drive too ... I also had premature labor and recently drove 2 hours with the Regio ... then let the weekend go by car ... because of another thing ... car drive was 5 h .. everything went well :) ... I'm 36 weeks ...
  • reply - 5: Thanks for your answers.

    Also think that I will drive. I would not forgive, if I do not visit her again. Let's see if someone finds to drive.

    And then I just hope that the little man can be patient for so long. Because so completely without my midwife and all baby things etc. I do not want to be away from home!

  • reply - 6: I would also suggest you drive from a good friend or something ....

    it can certainly find someone who makes ready for you ...

  • reply - 7: I would drive too. That's not third world. In case of emergency, there is also a KH. I also move * SSW33 * next week and make 8h boat and 1400km car. Will work and if not, then the baby stops somewhere on the way in the next KH we have ever updated in the sat nav ;-)
  • reply - 8: Or you look at a carpool if someone drives the same route.

    Good luck! Your grandma will be happy.

  • reply - 9: Do you currently have any complaints or are you just worried that the little one could come sooner?!?

    I would drive too!

  • reply - 10: So he really does announce I do not think so yet, except for practice labor ...

    Just make me worry that something will happen to him when it gets as close to me as it did the last time I was there. Since she has hardly recognized me (my grandma is suffering from a severe dementia) and shouted at me and always hewn in the stomach. Then I had severe pain and contractions, which, according to the doctor from the emotional stress came. So I'm scared that something will happen to him. But on the other hand, he is now so big that he may come earlier in the worst case.

    I just hope that this time my granny is better (at least from cognition), that she is happy and that everything is fine.

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