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The clearest signs of having a baby


.. just something funny for in between.


  • reply - 1: - 30 minutes bathing feel like 2 weeks holiday

    - that the meetings with friends mostly after meals

    - that one is happy to leave the house punctually, because one has to make an appointment.

  • reply - 2: The one sways the dog when you have him in your arms.

    Happened to me and did not notice it myself :)

  • reply - 3: hi hi resemble me;

    pushes the cart back and forth like a stroller - only without a baby in it :)

  • reply - 4: Even freshly dressed to be dirty
  • reply - 5: Rocking, although you have nothing in your arms ... 
  • reply - 6: To smell of milk puke and basically somewhere on the clothes is a stain.
    When someone says to me that I smell so nice of baby, I always say "well, so I smell like vomit ?!" : D
  • reply - 7: If you want to complete the stroller with the car keys ...
  • reply - 8: Always have a burp cloth nearby.

    Singing children's songs, even though the child is sleeping or not there at all.

  • reply - 9: I'll do that too xD
  • reply - 10: Me too ... or rock your legs 

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