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Tympanic tube / polyp-OP experience?


Has anyone here experience with this OP? My big one is to be used in March tubes and the polyps are also removed.

I'm already behind it but I'm afraid of anesthesia because I've had so bad experiences with it myself. Would I be interested in whether this was already done by someone and how the children put it away?


  • reply - 1: Hello, yes we already have experience. My son had surgery at the age of 13, and he put it all away. We had to spend one night in the KH, but that was ok. The tubes are now evacuation as it looks like, he will probably get this year again which should not improve the findings. So do not worry, the anesthesia packs well, we parents worry us unnecessarily.
  • reply - 2: Get a second and third opinion! The first doctor wanted to operate immediately when our son was 2.5. The second doctor says wait for summer. The third doctor says wait and now with 3.5 no surgery is necessary. Everything away .... and ok
  • reply - 3: No, we have already decided that it will be done. Especially because of the polyps I had those too and had to torture myself until I was 10 constantly with otitis I want to spare my child. Needed with 10, the surgery anyway and the older the greater the intervention think. We were advised by the previous pediatrician and now again

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