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hi Guys

I have a question there.bin in the 11 ssw and my company doctor has sent me into the employment ban.mein grundgehalt are 1140 euro gross plus penalty representation fee and sales commitment.I have always earned more with overtime always so about 1400 netto.nun my question what can I get from now on?

mfg sabine


  • reply - 1: You will probably get your normal basic salary ... without fare, overtime, etc., since you no longer have to pay any trips and no longer work overtime :)
  • reply - 2: yes I think that it will come so hard but I'm still missing now 300 euro :(
  • reply - 3: Hello, I was in the same situation.
    I do not get any more fare, but I still get the other additional services (revenue sharing, etc.). In addition, I have each month pay off overtime (some had accumulated). So I get my full salary.
  • reply - 4: Hello Bine.

    By law, a BV can not give you any financial disadvantage, i.
    During the time in which employment is complete

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