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Has any of you subscribed to nonabox? How satisfied are you with the profucts? Is it worth?


  • reply - 1: Yes, yes they have subscribed.

    6 month subscription for 75euro instead of 120 :)

    I was very satisfied with my first box :)
    But I had to adjust to the fact that what is needed is not necessary: ​​/
    But the case was not :)

    Look, my first box was in it :)

  • reply - 2: 2.
  • reply - 3: I've subscribed to the box for 3 months. I'm always looking forward to the pits, because it's just exciting to unpack the box. The content is not always to my taste but there is something for everyone.
  • reply - 4: What exactly is it and how does it work?
  • reply - 5: Does anyone know if there is something like that in Switzerland? :)
  • reply - 6: What is the price performance? ? At 6 months and actually 120 euros?
  • reply - 7: I had the box for 3 months for 45 € subscribed. There were always great things inside. Maybe it recognizes the content in the photo.
    I had once looked for the one box, the prices from the internet and price performance was suitable.
  • reply - 8: 1 box costs 25 euros
    if you make a subscription you get it a little cheaper :)

    But they have just offers that you pay for subscription boxes half the only :)

  • reply - 9: 2
  • reply - 10: Yesterday I ordered the 6 month subscription for 78 € I'm looking forward to the first box :-)

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