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Diagnosis of heart failure


At my little abdominal dweller a severe heart defect (Tga) has been detected now in the Virchow hospital to introduce me to the heart center, and my feelings ride roller coaster ...... Why ?? so ?? What kind of effects will it have? The doctor talked to me but it was all over me. Can not say what he said. And in the net you will find many beautiful and sad stories. I'm scared now ....


  • reply - 1: I am sorry that you have received this diagnosis! I keep my fingers crossed and hope the best for you.
    I know the Virchow Klinikum only from the television as one of the most renowned hospitals in Germany. According to television, they bring in preemies with 23 weeks ... You're in good hands. As I read, the heart defect does not cause any problems during the SS and can be operated on afterwards. Here's one more interesting link https://www.healthsafe24.de/angeborene-herzfehler/transposition-der-grossen-gefaesse-tga/
    I hope you will have a successful Op and that your baby can grow up carefree!
  • reply - 2: I wish you and your sweetheart all the best and that everything is going great. Know the clinic synonymous from the TV ... you are in good hands ♥
  • reply - 3: You are in the best hands.
    Ask for a lot. Really. Let yourself explain auchvalles 2 times. The sisters can sometimes help too well.
    we are also in treatment. With our big, meanwhile 13 and fit. But she has a different diagnosis.
    Are you depressed
  • reply - 4: Thank you for your say. Mom distract me from my other four rabaucks. Do not come to think.
    Yes Virchow is very well wanted or had to release there anyway times see when I get appointment as soon as possible. As far as I know more I'll let you know.
  • reply - 5: Oh, I'm sorry for you! I hope that you can help your dwarf there well and "write" a beautiful story!
  • reply - 6: Hello! For the upcoming weeks or months also after the birth I wish you first a lot of strength and perseverance and that you all together well as a family in difficult times !!
    I myself work as an intensive care pediatric nurse on the intensive care unit in the German Pediatric Cardiac Center in Sankt Augustin and Berlin Virchow is a household name! I think that this is a very good choice and you will always get answers to your questions there, even if you should repeat yourself! This situation is completely new to you and therefore it is completely understandable if you have many questions and you can not remember everything!
    Find the conversation with the team, both to the doctor and to care! It is, among other things, their job to clarify and alleviate all concerns and fears and to mentally accompany you during the stay and to meet you openly for questions!
    Always think positive, as hard as the road sometimes seems!
    Lg, Cathy
  • reply - 7: I can feel your feelings very well. Also my mouse was born last year with a serious heart defect. I can only advise you to give you good advice from the doctors. Leave your finger on Google and Co. Unfortunately, so much is now written in the network, which on the one hand may not even be correct and also only unsettled. Look, if there is a foundation or similar in the area. There, contact with families with children with the same heart defect can often be established.
    Try to enjoy the pregnancy nevertheless. I wish you and your baby gaaaanz much strength and bravery.
  • reply - 8: Sooo finally got an appointment on 26. 03. at the genetics consultation. And on 30. 03.in the heart center get appointment. Let's see what comes out of it.
  • reply - 9: I think of you very doll.
    Everything, all good
  • reply - 10: So appointment in the heart center was great. And it is not heart failure because everything is okay with the heart it is called arteries malformations ... So for me two things could be completely excluded. It only has the double aortic arch. The difficulty is that the left carotid artery leaves from the right arorta and the right carotid artery from the left arorta. So it's not possible to just snap at the op but they do not want to control it until after the birth. Since it is easier then to sound through the stomach. If you do the op well, it can lead a normal life. Hope the best

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