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Off on vacation! - What's up there?


Hello my dears,

Now I want to open one!
Who drives / flies of you again on vacation? Do you notice anything there?

We marry in January (jippie :) and make an Aida cruise in the Caribbean, the wedding is then in Miami on the beach on 22.1.13

Am then 23 to 25 SSW.

Only: everyone I tell this to, clasps my hands over my head! 11h flight and then everything so exhausting, the heat, trips blabla. Actually I am very fearless, but slowly I'm thinking.

Do you have tips for the flight and then for the excursions, heat, food, foreign countries?

Where are you still going?

In the weather we have to think about the sun :)


  • reply - 1: Hey,
    were on a cruise a week ago and it was beautiful :-) but also very exhausting.
    Sounds great on your honeymoon, because you are so very jealous :-)
    Was just before the holiday at the Gyn and have me again to investigate exactly whether everything is ok with the crumb. Cruised with Costa and they demanded a certificate with Ssw, exact date of birth and that it is a risk pregnancy? Otherwise I would not have been allowed on the ship. Costa takes pregnant only up to the 24 Ssw. Always had the certificate with me. He brought me some extras. Never had to check in on the ship by the magnetic control that beeps so should not be good for the baby. Otherwise, I can only give you the tip to listen to your body. If he needs a break to do one. I never thought it would be so exhausting, which was not our first cruise and did many city tours. Before that was not a problem. In the evening, however, I was as flat as ever. Food was not a problem. On the ship there was so much choice that I always found something I was allowed to eat. Have taken care not to eat raw food. We hardly ate on land, so I was careful. Always made sure to drink a lot. With us it was not so hot, about 20 degrees. Helped my circulation and I immediately noticed when I neglected to drink.

    Conclusion, we are glad to have enjoyed such a great time together. After all, oh the birth of many changes and a cruise we will not do so fast :-)
    Do not let others unsettle you, saying that it's not good to make such a trip. We are pregnant and not ill. So that was a long text :-)

    Greetings Mona

  • reply - 2: Hey,
    important is to have your stockings prescribed for the long flight. I also had and I felt much more comfortable. My gyn recommended it to me.
    LG Mona
  • reply - 3: Hey
    So I'm flying to the end of January in Turkey :) my doc said if I'm fine and the baby is nothing in the way and until now, my monster develops so great :) I will also give me a certificate from the doc and otherwise think Me too, I'm not sick pregnant;)
  • reply - 4:

    Now I'm a little jealous! That sounds like suuuuupppppeeeer !!! So in any case, I would also recommend Kompressionsstruempfe and I think in the heat is the most important drink, but you know that yourself. And then you have to decide spontaneously, how are you. That will be great! I would only discuss this with the FA or the midwife again.

    And it is everywhere that you should go on holiday in the second trimester .....

  • reply - 5: Hey you,
    yes, I get the good compression stockings, my gyn will prescribe me which and is otherwise good things for the holidays. Only in the Amazon we can not, because we wanted to go first. But because of yellow fever and malaria, I got the red card. Aida does not take any more pregnant women who is over the 24th week of pregnancy at the beginning of the trip!

    I also drink a lot and take breaks, I want to work only from beach to beach and snorkeling trip to snorkel excursion;) I'm just so paranoia from premature labor or the mumu opens or bleeding or or ... have somehow too much on the Internet read. Stupid or? I always try to be so optimistic :(

    Snail, where is it going to Turkey? Will that be a really nice beach holiday?
    Mona, where have you been that you have made so many city tours?

    Best regards!

  • reply - 6: Hello

    We fly to Tenerife for a week on the 26th of January. Until then in the 25th Ssw. I asked my Fa and she said that since I'm so super right from the start, I can do it without any problems. We will also be hiking, but has no more tours of 7-8 hours, but max. of 3 hours.

    For the flight, my Fa has recommended me the stockings and holding a sunscreen with very high sun protection

  • reply - 7: Hey, we made a cruise in the western Mediterranean - Rome, Sicily, Palma Majorca, Valencia, Marseille - made two guided tours, the rest on your own! In between breaks again and again! That worked quite well. Caribbean sounds so good. Since I would also plan a lot of beach :-) reassuring for me was that there is a doctor on the ship for emergencies! I have also approached the trip positively. My doctor calmed me down a lot and checked everything again the day before.
    LG Mona
  • reply - 8:

    Am also totally jealous! That will be great .... at the moment believe in the circle of acquaintances always better to know what is good for you. I then got to hear something about the high radiation, which I exposed myself during the flight. But I think you should not spoil everything!

    I was in Chicago (but professionally), my doctor also put emphasis on support stumps during the flight (but I had always been on longer flights before) and that I should walk around as much as possible and drink as much as possible.

    While eating, I would stick to the usual rules (cook it, peel it or forget it!). Aufm ship it is probably more hygienic than on land.

    I also think that it is good to have a doctor on board, who can organize everything else in case of need. The main thing you have ne good health insurance abroad!

  • reply - 9: hey you love, just want to say goodbye, this afternoon we go, I'm so excited, I do not even know if I should laugh or howl. the little sweetheart is fine and my doctor is very excited about the holiday and gives the green light. I push away all the fears and roll from beach to beach :)
    on the 27th we are back, until then you have a great time!


  • reply - 10: I wish you a great vacation and a wonderful wedding! :))

    Take good care of you and your dwarf and recover well!

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