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Pelvic floor after birth


I have found no contribution to this and wanted to know whether you also have such strong pressure from the inside, what your Hebi recommends and if the pressure is normal, but you can already out or if you should spare yourself.

How long does it take ca?

Can I already do exercises (1 week after birth)?


  • reply - 1: One can begin one day after birth with sensibility and perception exercises. You should only do proper vigorous exercise after 6-8 weeks. You can imagine it as a sport injury on the muscle. I had this pressure only a few days. If you want exercises, feel free to contact me.
  • reply - 2: Hey,
    I also know this pressure, sometimes it feels very uncomfortable (had a childbirth 7 days ago). I do not know how long the pressure will last. But I can do some light exercises, for example those where you lie on your back and pick up the pelvis and lift the pelvis.
    My midwife, however, advises me against going out big or moving too much. Better to grow into a new situation with your baby at home and let it take over slowly. Everything is new and I'm not quite fit yet. So after 10 - 14 days you can talk about it again.
    Try to save your energy for sleepless nights and stressful baby phases :-)

    best regards

  • reply - 3: Whether or not you are allowed to do exercises also depends very much on whether you have any birth injuries.
  • reply - 4: The pressure I had a week after birth too .. I thought that a walk certainly helps, was a big mistake .. the pressure has become a stinging pain that I then 2 days while walking had .. I would be on your Lying still a lot, your body needs this rest easy you will notice when you are fit again :)
  • reply - 5: Thank you all!
    Tomorrow I try 300 meters in front of the door for 15 min. Has "allowed" Hebi.
    Otherwise, you are probably right. I decide spontaneously tomorrow and today we stay in bed
  • reply - 6: I notice the missing pelvic floor this time more than after the birth of No. 1 or I forgot it. Unfavorable, I also get up from a crouch. Unfortunately, it takes time until everything is as it was before.
  • reply - 7: Yesterday I was just crying because of my pelvic floor, it has such a feeling of pressure and I am really scared never to get a "healthy" pelvic floor again. The birth is 15 days ago and my threads are still in it and press and hurt in addition! In the evening my clit also hurts soooo, an incredibly tight pressure. I can not describe it. I'm really desperate
  • reply - 8: There's just a lot to lie down and cool well.
    Ask your midwife if she is looking for the thread. Sometimes it is also a supernatant thread that irritates everything. She can just pull that.
  • reply - 9: Yeah, she's already looked and would solve her on Tuesday Ohman, I can not stand it, the birth was really nothing.

  • reply - 10: Yes, the pregnancy is over with the birth - but with the "side effects" you are still busy for months.

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