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Size and weight of our abdominal dwellers (2)


Here we can continue to exchange. 


  • reply - 1: Ini89, that's a house number I hope that my big not too long time and the date comes, would be very happy, so after Easter 
  • reply - 2: Today at 33 + 3 our crumb would be estimated at 2470g .... where does he want to grow until the end?
  • reply - 3: Yesterday, my kid was estimated to be 3450g at 37 + 1, but she also thought that the guess was hard, since his head is already low. My midwife said she's typing that he's coming before April 2 because he's already "done" and already in starting position, but nobody can predict that.
  • reply - 4: Our mouse is at 34 + 6 today
    44 cm and
    2800 grams heavy! 
  • reply - 5: Our mouse was today SSW 36 + 4 at about 2973 g and head circumference about 32 cm
    But it is already very deep. Cervix is ​​at 1 cm.
  • reply - 6: I'm glad she gets 12 days earlier
  • reply - 7: By caesarean section?
    Had also asked because of introduction because I have physically few real problems but do it only in an emergency
  • reply - 8: Yes, exactly
    My two big ones were also brought by ks.
    And our kh then does not allow a normal delivery ..
    I'm glad that it is done soon .. also pretty well done
  • reply - 9: Achso, well that's clear if you already have 2 KS behind you, because every kh makes sure.
    Well I hope my furzi can not be up to the ET time, many say so, when the baby's are relatively large, the place is then very tight and they come rather, maybe I have this "luck" 
  • reply - 10: Ours is at 34 + 6 46cm and 3067g.

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