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Hello :) I wanted to ask if here also a few Christian moms can be found :) If so, I would like to exchange :) Just write in the comments from which direction you come and how far you are :)

I'm Julia, 21 and with my 2nd baby pregnant in SSW 28 :) I'm traveling with Jesus for about 3 years, my husband is a preacher / evangelist ❤️


  • reply - 1: We are believing Christians. Am 29 and pregnant with our 2 son. As of Wednesday in the 30.ssw we are Austrians.
  • reply - 2: We are also believing Christians all our lives if you can put it that way my husband and I have in any case grown up in the faith and brought up! My name is Julia, I am 34 years young and with our 4th miracle in the 31 week pregnant the big ones are 9,7 and 5 years old and we live in the Black Forest.
    The first goal after the birth is then the baptism of our little miracle hope that it works so with 1-2 months how do you think the baptism / blessing or first nothing?
    Nice threat looking forward to sharing with you 
  • reply - 3: So many similarities I am also from the Black Forest, currently live in Trossingen if you know that :) Wow, you are already a really big family
    So we do not baptize as a baby, we just bless the little one in the first church service after the birth but this is not celebrated with us now. Personally, but I do not mind, the day is still something special because most see the baby there for the first time and God in the hands I have the little in prayer anyway during pregnancy ❤️
  • reply - 4: We are also devout Christians and come from the CH. It's our 2nd wonder and I'm in the 28th week now. We do not have a baby baptism. The crumbs are supposed to do that later on their own conviction. But we try very hard to let them grow up in the faith. 
  • reply - 5: Where did you come from CH?
    We are also devout Christians from the CH and expect our second miracle. Am now in the 31.ssw.
    We also do not baptize children but probably in the summer as in the Great a blessing in the garden.
  • reply - 6: Well, then I also come out as a Christian believer :) We are from North Rhine-Westphalia and live in the vicinity of Dortmund, have already 2 children and this pregnancy is not so easy. At the moment I'm back at the hospital, but that's what I've written more often.

    @ Fischli, nice that you also belong to the club :)

  • reply - 7: We have the baby christened at the latest in August the big one was also christened kit 3 months that suits us best. We have already asked for sponsors
  • reply - 8: We live near Bern. And you?
  • reply - 9: We are also Christians from nrw, near Gummersbach
    I wish you so much strength for your 3rd miracle that everything will be fine  

    We also have only a blessing in the church and baptized only on our own conviction.

  • reply - 10: Of course I know my parents live in spaichingen and I in St. Georgen!

    Praying for the little ones is always a very good way!
    During my second pregnancy during pregnancy was a severe heart defect found that was quite a shock for us! Have then told many of them and many have prayed that everything is allowed to be good and lo and behold after agonizing 3 months full of worry and fear all of a sudden there is no sign of it now he is 7 and never had any problems and I say "thank god" because we are convinced that the many prayers made everything good and that gave us a lot of power! Also in my current pregnancy very many pray for us because I have problems with my platelets again and I am only 31 ssw hope I may still create a few weeks without kh or anything else but our belief helps that we can do it and all well go!

    Oh, sorry for the novel!

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