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Maybe the one or other expectant mommy from cottbus od. Environment (brandenburg) comes?
Maybe even someone who is in the same ssw as me?
Then you could possibly go together later to the birth preparation course. simply exchange.

I'm in the 7 + 0 = 8 ssw


  • reply - 1: Hello dandelion :)

    Super that there is someone coming from cb ...
    Have you ever thought about a hebame ...?
    I've asked me at times bekante from me

    A certain marlies krüger (that's what she said) should be top
    Before and after care but no freelance
    And she probably also prepares preparatory courses in kh.

  • reply - 2: I live in spremberger suburb / sachsendorf (still)

    I wanted to release eigtl. In cb and this fr. Kruger is also fortunate in our hospital.

    How old are you if I may ask?

  • reply - 3: 23 years
    Yes, my first ss. But wanted :)
    Man, we fit from the age almost yes together :)

  • reply - 4: Is it your first?
  • reply - 5: I would join in!
    Am also from Cb! Sielow more precisely! Am 28, 2.s and am 10 + 3 today! Had today at the admission interview with my midwife!
    If you want one you should take care of it quickly! There are not that many in Cb!
    I am at Genia! She has her practice at the World Mirror! But for March is almost fully booked!
    I'm glad that I still got it, because I really want to have her with her for the delivery this time!
    At the first I experienced some things in the delivery room which I do not want anymore ... I want to release this time in peace, as I would like it and not as the hospital midwives have time ... ;-)

    I wish you a nice pregnancy ...

  • reply - 6: Hello :)
    Yes I know the hebamen here are low ...
    Then you're lucky with your :)
    Do you ever press the thumb for the further Ss.
  • reply - 7: And I'll tell you all the thumbs that you see the heart :)
    I found it a wonderful feeling to see something else in my stomach :)

    I'm terribly sorry for your miscarriage: '(

  • reply - 8: Also keep your fingers crossed that this time everything is good!
    I live next to the beautiful red bakery ;-)


  • reply - 9: I only get sick as soon as I get hungry
    I'm tired all day
    And I'm struggling with dizziness
    But everything else is so great
    My doctor wanted me until the 26th sick leave because of water retention and therefore suspected bleeding but since the water has gone back a bit I was allowed to work
    On 26 it is decided whether I get an immediate job ban od. But only from october ... I work in a so-called danger area because ...
  • reply - 10: Huhu, I'm also from Cottbus. Is my 2nd ss. Am now 8 + 4 <3

    My daughter will be 2 years old in 2 months.

    I will try to get my old midwife back. Nicole hanschko from the belly shop.

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