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since there is no thread where you can just chat I thought I'll open this. where you can just write around the ss. in the others, there is always a certain topic.

so I'm great. still no complaints gsd.
today is a change of week: D
be in the 11th week today. week by week, I am always looking forward to it.


  • reply - 1: I'm glad for you that you have no complaints :-) I sleep all day, have pimples and my body fluctuates every hour from hunger to nausea, well, everything has its end :-) Am in 8 + 2
  • reply - 2: I'm so sorry.
    well, one is very glad that one has nothing but one thinks then again and again whether everything is ok? but I assume that everything is okay. if you feel the small then then the fear is less.

  • reply - 3: I'm fine so far anyway. I thought all my SS complaints are over, it was on vacation at least like that! Since Monday since I'm back in the office, I am worse: headache, fatigue, back pain, more nausea than before but nimma as bad as at the beginning (ie without speibn)

    I already count the days until Tuesday (26.08.) I have the NFM and am at 11 + 4. Hopefully that will be good and nice news, not like the last time we got this bad news ... that's why I'm a little nervous!

    Oh, and I also got pimples in my brain. Please, the last time I had there in puberty

  • reply - 4: So my dear, I have the first three months behind me, on the second trimester! :))) since today 12 + 0 and very happy that so far everything went so well!
  • reply - 5: Have a stupid question: what is your sexual life currently? Unchanged, better, worse?
  • reply - 6: That's nice to hear that you're ready and everything is fine. I hope I can say that on Tuesday too!

    To your question: now better than in the first weeks. Much fun again, GsD

  • reply - 7: We are doing better than before! (The pill I took unfortunately put my libido down to zero)
    And now everything works again as at the beginning of the relationship! :))
  • reply - 8: I'm in the 13th SSW since today and I'm really scared that I already have the first trimester behind me. I just hope that this horrible nausea soon stops, nice and slow, I really do not need them anymore.
  • reply - 9: good morning.
    how are you?
    I am still very well. no complaints and no nausea.
    Today I'm 10 + 6 and from tomorrow then in the 12 SWS I'm looking forward to it.
    and on Friday, again, fa appointment: D
  • reply - 10: Thanks, I'm fine too. I have the NFM at 11 + 4 tomorrow and the nausea GsD is already less!

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