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16 & Pregnant, this E.T 5 months before final exam


Hello, dear, young mum & become mum :)
I am Senia & 16 years old.
I learned today that I am 4 weeks pregnant.
My problem is that I'm in the 10th grade after the holidays and I really want to do that. Only the question is how we write the final exam at the beginning of May and already have the oral English exam. I think that I can do my degree at all. Because quite so smart I am not now; D Now my question what do you think? Should I start at grade 10 or say I'll stay home after grade 9 and go down with a high school diploma and then do 10th grade or should I try it and fight for my final with baby.
My parents do not know yet that I'm pregnant. My friend (18) already.


  • reply - 1: Hello Senia1998
    i'm still young at 17 for a mum,
    am also completing my degree (main)
    I also wanted to do my middle-maturity.
    Now that I know that I am pregnant, I am sure that it is better for me to be there for my little boy and later to close the real estate. But I have to say that everyone has to know for himself what he thinks is right in such a situation , lg
  • reply - 2: Hmm .. So first I would let me advise you in your place. There are different contact points for young mothers / pregnant women. You can also do jz your Hauptschulprüfungen and then later the middle maturity
  • reply - 3: Hello I landed by accident ... was also pregnant with 16 .... got my baby at 17 in january and in may it started with exams .... was 8 weeks at home and got my degree ... so from june to sep I was at home and started my education as a nanny which i finished with 1.6 and thus made my middle maturity ... oh I'm glad to have done everything and can ask my kimd what ... am now 24 and have a little my big one is 7 and super in school ... was back then at such a meeting of young mothers was
    The only one who did the others wanted to get back in later have never done it ... let me tell you it will not be any easier ... Of course you do not want to give swin kind away but others have to go to work and especially when you are so young It's good to go to school and talk to classmates instead of just being mom ....
    I'm proud to have done everything on my own for almost 3 years as a single parent

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