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Boy or girl?


Hello dear mum

I wanted to ask if you already have a small feeling what it could become?
I know for some very early but I have the feeling that it is a girl again.
at my daughter I had this feeling of positive test and it was confirmed =)
but in the end it counts that the crumbs are healthy and happy :)
what do you wish for?
if I had the choice, then I wish me 1. that it is healthy again :) and 2. again a girl :) they are indeed bitchy but harder in the take * laugh *

best regards
we 4


  • reply - 1: Hello, I think this time it will be a girl: o).
    I had no complaints with my son, did not even notice that I was pregnant. Could have worked until delivery. I had no nausea or anything else. And now, I'm feeling pretty bad since my implantation, I'm tired and can not get up to anything. I am also just at the beginning, but I have already had a sick leave, because I simply have no strength, my 8h in kindergarten (educator) to create. Tomorrow I will start working again. Let's see how long this time works. Secretly, I hope for a professional ban, since the diseases that are there daily waiting for me now that winter is approaching not less.
    Incidentally, my environment also thinks that it is a girl, because so "sick" knew me from my first pregnancy not synonymous. Let me hope. Nen girl would be nice, we would have both. BUT .... main thing healthy; o)
    Greetings and have a nice day, Tanja
  • reply - 2:

    @ Kid .. I would advise you a BV, that can you write out your gyn. Get one from Thursday, too, I'm a kita :-)

    I think that it is a boy, because I have no complaints, I'm fine dazzling .. okay Bissl I am without drive and have now and then in the lower abdomen .. that's it. At the time of my daughter, I was sick ... the toilet was my second home. And what I still find funny, that my skin has become more pure .... :-)


  • reply - 3: @ miss_audi: my doctor says, the BV says the company doctor. My Kiga_leitung is unfortunately somewhat sleepy. She has to inform first and now she is ill. Mmh, The symptoms you describe are just like mine, just the other way around. To the BV again, when I got my son in 2005, there was no head on it, what is, or maybe could be. And now I go with a rather bad conscience in the establishment, because I'm afraid of harming my crumbs: o (But I think the BV I get in any case, only who is still the question.

  • reply - 4:

    but then you have a funny gynecologist (sorry) that is inoperative with the company doctor, that can just as the gynecologists. Alas mine makes it too. If your line is sick then call the Human Resources Department and have your company doctor send you. What does your immunity say? I can not understand that you are allowed to come work .. your line must actually pronounce you a work ban until everything is cleared for the purpose of your vaccination before you can not in the EInrichtung.



  • reply - 5: Yeah, you're right, she ought to, but she does not: o (I'll call my doctor tomorrow and ask her again for BV My immunity is not clear yet, so I'm not going to work tomorrow First, I'll get sick again, you're right, actually, I'm not allowed to go until everything is cleared Well, tomorrow, I'll tackle it; o)
    Do you already have your mother's passport? I do not have mine yet and my boss says she can not report it to the HR department before. Think get my on Wednesday, then I'll probably get sick until then; o)
  • reply - 6:

    Hello everybody,

    So I do not realize that I'm pregnant ... Maybe it will be a boy !? It's my first pregnancy and I'm always worried that the baby is okay too. Because if you do not notice anything that's kind of funny ....

    My husband always says I should be glad that I do not notice and that I am not bad: o)

  • reply - 7: I was just happy that you can use such a pumpkin picture in the ticker. My first US at FA I have namely on 31.10. had - a Halloween baby: o)
  • reply - 8:

    @ kid ... that's reasonable .. and a line should actually know how to deal with her pregnant workers :-) I have no passport, get it on Wednesday (I have also appointment) hope so much that one there Fruit cave looks ... I'm supi ..




    I feel the same way .. I notice garnix ... except sometimes abdominal .. that's it ... on my first SS I had nausea from the beginning ... this time everything is different ... because you get fast Afraid ... but I think that's because we are all so fresh :-) where did you upload the ultrasound image?



  • reply - 9: well I noticed with my daughter rurally that I am pregnant, because my days were missing, I've never vomited or anything =) However, I had small pimples and I've got again * grin *

    jaa kitas are in this case really "bad" with illnesses, know that even from my practical time when I was there a year, a week healthy, a week (in which I had school) ill = /

    because of the BV, I got it then, because it was ne risky :(
  • reply - 10:

    @ Blueberry: Unfortunately I do not notice anything about the baby. Last week, I had a pull in the lower abdomen, but nothing else .... it's also my first ... I'm already unsure


    @ Miss_audi: I also have my FA date on Wednesday ... I'm very excited because I do not know what to expect



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