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When to get up?


Hello my dears,
I have a question, I have 10 weeks old twins! How do you do that you stand up with your babies when they are not awake or you set an alarm clock and wake up before! I'm just getting up when one of them wakes up but until I'm done with both, I spend an hour and a half until I drink my first coffee;)! I would just be interested in her doing it!
Lg Lilly


  • reply - 1: I always used to get up with her at the big boys and have had coffee while I finished her. Now I have to wake up the big one at 6:45 am and finish it. Since I never know when baby will wake up, my alarm goes off at 6:30 am. Either the little man then wakes up with me. Then I make him first bottle and finish it and then quickly have a few minutes for me in the bathroom. If he does not wake up, I'm just getting ready. Includes coffee. But then I wake the big one sooner to have buffers in time, when he gets awake in between and wants milk. Getting dressed and washing with him then has to wait until Madame sits in the bus. (She will be picked up at the front door by the bus.)
    Sometimes a bit confused, but works surprisingly well. But at the weekend, I would never think of getting up voluntarily before a child is awake. But are both early risers anyway.
  • reply - 2: I stayed with the big one too until she woke up, every second counts ;-) now I stand half an hour in front of everyone to have a coffee in peace and make the big breakfast for the Kiga. Then I wake the big one and the little one sleeps nice until the big one is finished ;-) at the weekend we all stay until one of the kids is awake :)
  • reply - 3: With me the question is unnecessary, because the big ones at 6 o'clock the beginning of the day. I stop, give the cocoa and drink my coffee by the way ...
  • reply - 4: Drinking coffee in between is not laughing! Most of the time both scream at the same time and if not the other screams right when I'm done with one! But I also think every second of sleep is precious! The two keep me pretty busy
  • reply - 5: Eh Respect ... I always wonder how that works with twins.
  • reply - 6:

    My little one usually wants to be breastfed around 5 and then sleeps for another 2-3 hours. I get up right away (but I have to say that most of the time I fall asleep with him at 8 and I am also an absolute morning person). That's my time for me - I do relaxed yoga, emails, coffee and whatever else comes up :)

    But join me tartine - respect mom's with twins!

  • reply - 7: On my 1st I also stayed lying down until she woke up.
    At the 2nd I had to leave the big sister at 6:45 because of school. At 3. and 4 I got up at 6:15 because of school of the 2 older ones. The little one was always awake at first. At present it is so that she sleeps mostly to 7 half past eight or even eight. So I can enjoy my coffee without it getting cold until I wake up number 3. at quarter past 7 to the kindi.
  • reply - 8: Good morning Lilly2609,
    I would sleep as much as I can get.
    We go to bed together and get up together. But Mathis sleeps already on my arm.

    So, here too to my actual task.
    Your question also fits in well with the contribution Baby's sleep or organize to everyday life (or something like that should be called). Have you also discovered the thread Mehrlinge / Gemini? Since you can exchange yourself with other twin moms.
    Here I also close.

    Greetings Purzilla from the mod team

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