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alternative to Pampers?


Hi, dear ones,

have you possibly found alternatives to Pampers? Have tried babydream 2 days and it was often wrong. Use therefore again Pampers .. sound to hear Aldi under proper names Pamperswindeln sell. Do you have any experience values? Do not want to constantly try and then have the diapers in the closet. Now stay with the expensive product 


  • reply - 1: Mhh we use the babydream and there was never something wrong. The aldi I find not so plump, but pampers not synonymous. But also do not find that are similar o.o
  • reply - 2: I can right firstlove. DM is very good and I also liked the Aldi. With rossmann the diapers were also close to us.
  • reply - 3: Wow 12 hours, there would be a Tsunamiflut break out really needs to change every 3-4 hours sometimes even in between
  • reply - 4: We take the beauty baby brand from Müller and the pampers baby dry at night. May the likes of Müller like dm.
  • reply - 5: I have tried so far Pampers, Babylove and Aldi diapers ... Pampers I did not like (have smelled chemical and the legs have always squeezed) ... The other brands I think is good, has never gone wrong ... we're using size 3. Maybe you need to narrow down or use one size bigger?
  • reply - 6: We use the private label of DM and at night the Pampers Baby Dry, which we also tried out of Aldi and were not thrilled, constantly leaked ... we have already blown up every brand that we tested but Aldi were with Distance the worst ... but I think you have to test that because it is different for everyone
  • reply - 7: Baby Love by dm is quite good and the house brand had also used pampers before that
  • reply - 8: Babylove from dm laces my legs too much for my greasy child. Was the same with the big one. Use both the Müller beauty baby tags and both at night and I'm very happy. First of all, Pampers are too expensive for me and secondly my children do not tolerate them at all. Get red dots everywhere.
  • reply - 9: I think the Pampers smell so uncomfortable and when they are full I feel like they are so slightly wet on the outside and the body was always a little bit wet ... with the Baby Dry but not
  • reply - 10: My mouse has been weeks for a red butt and also a bit on the legs, etc. everywhere in the diaper area. have tried everything until the midwife said last we try to make nothing at all and have changed from Pampers to Babylove and after 2 weeks everything was gone .. for 3 days, there's again Pampers and everything red again :( comes that really from the Pampers?! I could never imagine .. Now we try again Babylove and hope that will be better again :(

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