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Contents of the diaper bag?


What did you pack everything?


  • reply - 1: changing mat, disposable washcloths, diapers, nursing hats, burp cloth, spare clothes and pacifier, Schnuffeltuch :)
  • reply - 2: Hmmm maybe still clothes to change. If you go bowel movements and dirty your clothes.
  • reply - 3: I also have diaper bag inside so I do not have to throw the stinky diapers on the way just in NEN mistbox, but the smell is a little reduced vl :)
  • reply - 4: Still packs a small bottle of disinfectant to possibly wipe something off. One would not like to think of how to find some baby changing rooms;) and the disposable baby changing pads are really indispensable
  • reply - 5: water to drink and if the nuki needs to be rinsed off ...

  • reply - 6: Raissa1vor 20 min. I would be very interested in what you have in your diaper bag everything. With pleasure also with photo of your bag
  • reply - 7: TaschaMitErbsevor 13 Min.Da is so much in it, more than I need ... but it could be that time
    - Replacement clothes needed
    - all of a sudden there is hunger (concerning both of us)
    - Tempos are needed ... "Do I still have any? No matter ... new pack in."
    - Keys, money next to diaper stuff and the bag is full ... good that the bottle has room on the outside :-D
  • reply - 8: Onpuvor 7 Min.Bei me is also very much in it. In principle, you only need diapers and wipes, but since the junk weighs nothing, I also have half a household.

    Drin is:
    - Diapers (surprise !!: D)
    - wet wipes
    Disinfectant wipes for your own hands
    - a foldable, thick changing mat
    - 2 single wrapping documents
    - tampons
    - Breastfeeding
    - Tempo
    - Minipack wound cream
    - Minitube sunscreen in summer
    - socks (he struggles away)
    - spare clothes
    - swimming diaper
    - box with Krabberzeug (millet ring etc)
    - Fruit packet
    - Spoon attachment for fruit packets in the tin
    - cheesecloths
    - Replacement shirt for me
    - Scented bag for the used diapers

    Oh my god, that's a lot of stuff. But everything is well arranged thanks to many subjects.

  • reply - 9: Pünktchen7312vor 3 Min.Neben the kram, which has already been mentioned, I still have toys plugged in, if it gets boring or distraction is necessary.
  • reply - 10: When I am in the village, I only take a small bag:
    wet wipes,
    Milk powder,
    Bottle of cold water,
    1 baby bottle,
    a pulp or squeeze packet,
    wallet with

    if I go further, then I take my diaper bag with me, everything that comes up with,
    then even more
    another water jug
    1-2 glasses
    changing clothes
    disposable wrap defeated
    replacement cap
    and socks
    mini wound cream and face cream
    more milk powder
    and more bottles

    and I take my handbag with me

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