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Nausea & tiredness


hey, nice and slow I despair :-( since the 6th week I am constantly bad (I have to force myself to eat & drink) & I'm crazy ko ... Actually I know that anyway from my 1st SS - has At that time lasted almost 5 months, but after a while a little bit better


the last few days were still worse :-( can drink almost nothing, I think that's why I have a headache ... and I'm so hard to play with my 2-year-old, because I would like to permanently sleep


are you all alright? or is someone still suffering?


  • reply - 1: Oh man you poor. Really not to be envied ... I have no complaints gsd. I do not know from my first ss. Tiredness comes to me rather, my son is such an early riser. Im imaginatively stressful with a 2 year old if you are not feeling well and wish you that it is over soon!
  • reply - 2: I have a cranio appointment on Fri, hopefully it'll do it
  • reply - 3: Good luck! I'll cross my fingers for you!
  • reply - 4: Tina how are you? Improvement?
  • reply - 5: No, unfortunately, Cranio has brought nothing :-(
  • reply - 6: Oh man ... still no end ???? You really make me very sorry :(

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