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Pregnant after miscarriage


Hello my dears.
I had to let my worm go in ssw10. That was on 2.10. I had my scraping there.
According to the doctor, I am allowed to practice again and my husband and I are already looking forward to our new happiness.
Who is like me?


  • reply - 1: The fairy tale of the star child
    The dear God went after his daily work and sent new children into the world. An angel helped him with the selection and God chose very carefully, which children fit which parents. God: "To Mrs. Müller I send the boy, she is very much alive and Ms Müller does not have much patience, she will have to learn that, both of them will learn to find peace for each other in this life, even if it will not always be easy.
    He chose a few more children for the right parents.
    But then we probably had the turn: "And this family gets this star child" The angel spoke in wonderment: "But dear God, why because this family they are so happy and so good people" God: "Yes they are, but that's why they get this blessed child, they love (their) children about everything and they will love this child in their hearts as well, just these people can love a child infinitely beyond the world beyond, so I have chosen them. "
    Angel: "But what if they are desperate, will they be able to handle it?" God: "I will give you the necessary strength and confidence!" They will be very desperate at the beginning and will cry a lot, but they will learn that you can not influence things in life and some things in your life are not yet understood, you will be able to accept it and live with it, on the contrary, you will feel what it is happiness for your existing children or those that are yet to come You will very consciously enjoy each day with your (future) children and fulfill every minute of your life with happiness and love. "
    Angel: "But God, what if your faith in you is so distressed in this need?" God: "Maybe they'll be angry with me, maybe they'll even hate me for a while, but in time they will become your faith strengthen."Angel:" But by what? "God:" You will realize that I have not taken your child away from them, they will feel and feel their child. You get a little insight into the world beyond and will be very close to her, because they have someone there because they love so much. They will know that their child is still with them and protects them very well. They will receive small signs and they will one day receive a special gift from me for their loss. "
    The angel asks quite curiously: "Dear God, what gift?"
    God: "When it is time for the parents and I will bring them to me, their star child will be the first thing they see, and together they will have all the time in the world to make up for what they have received in the human world They will live and enjoy this time without stress, without illness, without obligations, and then there will be only the parents and the star child, and they will be as happy as never before, while other deceased parents who have no star children have to wait a long time until they can embrace one of their children and eventually the siblings will follow and then the family will be united forever. "
    Angel: "Yes, this is a wonderful gift, the family is very united for a star child!"
  • reply - 2: Will you try it directly? My doctor said wait first..but I've heard so many times that some 2 weeks after ausschabung again had an ovulation and were directly pregnant and everything went well .. when the body is ready he lets it ...
  • reply - 3: Very nice fairy tale .... even if I'm not a believer, it has something true.
    We also have an asterisk waiting for us ... it left us already in the 7th week of pregnancy. That was on 27.7. without scraping. We also started practicing again, so far it has not worked out, but now we are in the 3rd. ÜZ and are confident that it works this time.

  • reply - 4: Hey kathy, my fa said only we should wait (because of the psyche) then he said that the field is plowed fresh, ... so we let two move in a new grain. And the juliclub we are through to the end.


  • reply - 5: Lady, of course you are very lucky ...
  • reply - 6: Hi everybody, first I'm sorry you had to go through this ...
    For me it was a very early departure on 3.10 .... ET would have been 9.6.15 ...
    Now we hope that it works out fast! Maybe a juli-baby ....? 
  • reply - 7: Yes shit .. it helps me to continue .. hope the next inspection, everything is well healed and we can start ..
  • reply - 8: When do you have your control appointment? Did everything go well?
    Mine is only in six weeks. This makes me very unsure. I'll just go to the doctor next week.
    Everything is ok. I have only very slight bleeding now.
    That will work out again soon ....
  • reply - 9: Hey Fabi,

    I can imagine that even such an early departure is very sad. After all, you are so happy when you see the second stroke ...
    It will work.

  • reply - 10: I have to wait 10 days until the check-in. However, I did not even have bleeding after 24 hours. 've now only so n draw in the abdomen .. but no blood but only a little funny Schleim .. but clear ..
    Doofe ask but when will you dare to do it again with GV?

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