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disappointed with my own friend


Who had a girlfriend who became pregnant first? ? Were you also there for her where suddenly the rats have left their ship and she stood alone and then you are the only one who stays with her in the pregnancy over every little thing the child enjoys the first movement stroking her belly etc and dan is one pregnant and one hopes that she is looking forward to doing the same with one and at the end she leaves one in the prick and does not share my best moments as my best moments hmm ... did you have such a thing? : / :(


  • reply - 1: Yes ... Do not get upset .. It was not an experience any more. Then there are no friends but only exploiting people ... Wailing one full and you're there, even you need nothing to expect ....
  • reply - 2: Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to invest the same in a friendship as the other. This can be very disappointing and frustrating. Of course I already had such experiences. Think about what you still expect from this friendship and draw your consequences from it. It's really not a nice thing! But remember, there are people who will accompany you only a part of your life and friends who will accompany you for a lifetime. Think about what kind of "friend" your known one counts.
  • reply - 3: I've gotten this message and find it just right :)

    The train of life:
    Life is like a train ride, with all the stops, detours and calamities. We get in, meet our parents and think that they always travel with us, but at some stop they will get off and we have to continue our journey without them. But many passengers will get on the train, our siblings, cousins, friends, even the love of our lives. Many will get off and leave a big gap. For others, we will not notice that they have dropped out. It is a journey full of joys, sorrows, greetings and farewells. The success is: To have a good relationship with everyone. The big puzzle is: We never know which stop we need to get off. That's why we have to live, love, forgive and always give the best! Because when the moment has come, where we have to get off and our place is empty, only beautiful thoughts should stay with us and travel forever in the train of life !!! I wish you that your journey becomes more beautiful every day, that you always have love, health, success and money in your luggage. Thank you, all of you passengers, on the train, of my life !!!

  • reply - 4: Very nice written but it is sad and 15 years of friendship so give up hmmm
  • reply - 5: Times change people and you can no longer from his school friend, for example. Going out, but from a friend who just as we all change differently .... People come and go, sad but true ... head up there is someone new who understands himself with whom you can rebuild such a relationship. Just believe me, be confident!
  • reply - 6: I have to cry. Have just a stupid situation that weighs on me. My girlfriend and godfather of my children (since 34 years girlfriends) has expressed so badly about a month ago that I have since broken off the contact. It was about one of my 14-year-old sons in the last semester (February) had to go down from high school. He had only lied to us all year long, kept down works, and so on. One diligent student became a fiver, and in the end there were four fives in all the main subjects. And that you as a mother angry and scolds about it I find normal. She insinuated that I urge him to show me his work, that I would be controlling as I discussed with the teachers ect ....
    She has no children and no responsibility for anything, and introduced me as a bad mother? In addition, in the situation that I am pregnant and at the time just had hyperemesis and I was very bad. I do not know how to tie in again and if anything, there were so many things that hurt me.:-( Where I have always fought for my children, I have everything from speech therapy, occupational therapy, three kindergartens, special education kindergarten institution, speech therapy school, x 1000 appointments with various doctors and psychologists, ultimately despite Ads on high school and now just secondary school with good grades Do not find that I have earned such a commentary. '- (
  • reply - 7: I know this situation too. You just have to think about whether you can see what has disappointed you over time, or whether it has led to the fact that the trust is gone and the pursuit of a sincere friendship at eye level is no longer possible. And if there is no more, not even if an apology would come and a little time passes, then it is better to realize that and to draw a line than to force oneself and never feel really well in this friendship ,

    I pulled my conclusions and feel at peace with them.

  • reply - 8: I have the problem that a good friend of mine unfortunately had a Fg in December (in the 8th Ssw) and since I told her in January that I'm pregnant she does not talk to me anymore or when I get it just stupid sayings ... I really do not know how I should behave towards her! I can understand that she is doing bad and that she does not want to hear any pregnancy stories from me but a "hello" is not too much to ask, or I see that not correct?!
  • reply - 9: I would give her time to process her loss. I can already understand that is not excited. It may feel like salt in your sore ... If you are openly looking for the conversation, you might be able to find one. All the best for your friendship!
  • reply - 10: When I had my miscarriage, shortly afterwards 3 friends and my sister-in-law became pregnant. It was also very hard for me in the beginning, I always tried not to let it show and to be happy for them. With time it got better and now I enjoy it, that I know so many experienced mommies that I can ask for advice. And everyone has something left over from the baby, so it has some advantages

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