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No Kitaplatz in sight


Hello everybody,

I searched, but have not found a thread. If it already exists, gladly move :)

Slowly but surely my first birthday is over and my parental leave ends and I have to go back to work.
Unfortunately, there is absolutely no Kitaplatz in sight  I despair slowly and get a little panic.
Is there anyone else like that?
What happens when nothing really happens anymore?  
I have no family here at my place of residence (to bridge the time to a possible start of care) and because of the rent I have to go back to work urgently .... After the parental leave there is no cent income left ....  
Oh dear ...

I wish you all a beautiful Easter holidays (hopefully more relaxed than here with us).


  • reply - 1: Have you ever been informed at the youth welfare office about a childminder? Maybe that would be an option for you.
  • reply - 2:

    Here in the region it is also extreme. Many parents are desperate because they simply do not get care.

    I'm glad that we decided to stay at home for the first 3 years. Well, 1.) I've been at home for 10 years anyway (which is actually more involuntary) and 2) that's only possible because we turn every dime 3 times.

  • reply - 3: Um dear, nice for you
    but it was not her question 
  • reply - 4: There is a legal entitlement to a childcare place, which must be claimed in due time at the responsible municipality / city. If you then get no place you may have a claim for damages against the community / city.
    However, there is no right to vote. So you have no claim to a place of choice, z.b in a special kindergarten.
  • reply - 5: Yes, exactly! I demanded my claim now! I'm curious if they can get me something! Was just yesterday yesterday on a tour of the drunken thousand desperate parents sat: O
  • reply - 6: Oh dear oh dear ....
    So we have already contacted the youth welfare office and are quasi as seekers on a long, long list. ...  
    We met a childminder last week, she does not answer at all (I already talked to her mailbox). The hours until 16 o'clock during the week and Fridays to 15 o'clock are unfortunately hardly to my working hours to agree. But I would do it for the beginning, of course ....
    Oh it is to despair .... I call the same time with my employer ....
  • reply - 7: How do you claim your claim? 
  • reply - 8:

    Why then so pejorative?
    Do not I have to understand ... And even if I might not have answered the question, so I have very well accepted the issue and made it known that she is unfortunately not alone.
    To call me right here with "love", as if I did not have them in turn, and then put even this stupid smiley under it, I think under all sow of you. Did you sometimes come to mind, that I out Lack of time could not have come to writing on?
    Gosh, are you always going out on people like that?
    And it does not matter to me now, what you continue to write to me will ignore you from now on.

    It is generally the problem that care places are missing, throughout Germany. Here it is just as extreme, as places are distributed to any points that have to be fulfilled, so that one even comes to the shortlist.

    Around here, some parents are now getting together and want to file a class action lawsuit. Unfortunately, I do not know how exactly this happens. Do you perhaps also know other parents in your district, who are the same and with whom you can do it together? Write to the mayor, lawyer, etc. If necessary, go to the press, as that should be compatible, on the one hand, or you want to go back to work, but on the other hand you can not, because there is no space. After all, it can not be in any sense that you have to resort to social benefits, if you were entitled to it again. Have just read again in my regional group, the parents probably want to write a letter to the Family Minister. If now perhaps several letters to Mrs. Schwesig land on the table, maybe something will happen ..... the hope dies last.

    Keep your fingers crossed that it's for the better.

  • reply - 9: We also got a cancellation. Tuesday at the lawyer and have filed an appeal. Have good chances. My little should / must also from 1 year in the kiga.
  • reply - 10: So we have a form directly on the youth welfare office online!
    Is but for Berlin:

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