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Hello girls, I would like to breastfeed so much. Of course you can not choose this and of course I do not know if it will work.

Do you have any methods, recipes, or whatever you can do to promote milk production during pregnancy?
I heard something about drinking malt beer. I do not really want to do that, because it only contains a lot of sugar and thickens it unnecessarily.

Would be grateful for any suggestion.
LG Katja


  • reply - 1: breastfeeding tea
    Malt beer still balls
  • reply - 2: Ok that's only then when the little ones are there.
    So that means I can not really do much at the moment ... too bad
    But thanks in advance for the tips when the little one is finally in the world.
  • reply - 3: I would also like to breastfeed and have interviewed my midwife exactly to this topic. She said you do not need to do anything beforehand, the milk comes all by itself.
    Sometimes I massage my breasts (as one should do with milk congestion) the midwife said she had a patient who did this during pregnancy and she had a lot of milk. Whether that came from massaging, however, nobody can say

  • reply - 4: What you can do now, remove any foods with peppermint from the diet and drink still-tea
    You can not do more. Just mentally be prepared to quench your mice. With me there was no other idea than that I wanted to breastfeed my daughter, and exclusively. So I had not bought any bottles. What would be quite practical, is to buy a breast pump. Because when the milk came in, it was a holiday and my friend had to emergency pharmacy, so I rausbekam the biggest pressure from the chest.
  • reply - 5: Oh no, so no peppermint tea in the SS ?? : - ((I keep drinking all the time, just knowing that you should not drink while breastfeeding, but you do not have to drink before? Are you sure?
  • reply - 6: Helada, so my Hebi meant Pfeffitee in pregnancy makes nothing !! Really only from the time of breastfeeding one should stop. I also drink it most of all! ;O)
  • reply - 7: Thank you purple clouds! Then we can enjoy it for a while :-)
  • reply - 8: my Hebi thought 2-3 weeks before the birth should stop drinking Pfeffitee. Much hard for me! I have chosen an extra baby / nursing hospital for the birth. And was very happy with the care. The midwives really often say very different things, simply because every baby, every mom and every breastfeeding relationship is different. Then look for the best out of the tips.
  • reply - 9: My hebi also said I should now drink a lot pfeffitee, because I soon no longer kann.also in lactation .. but drink very different anyway, every day I try to drink a pot :)
  • reply - 10: Ok thanks a lot. The peppermint tea is new to me. But I'll stick to it :-)

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