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First of all hello to all mothers and to all pregnant women like me
The fact that I am new to the forum, unfortunately I do not know if this topic has been discussed before. Which is about:
I will have my first baby and am currently in the 14 + 0 week. I have had nausea for weeks, which is not extreme, but in the morning I have to vomit every day. After that I have a strange taste and sensation in the mouth and throat, so that I can eat and drink nothing or very little, although I like to eat for my life. It means you should drink at least 2L a day but I can not even 1Liter, because I partially as soon as I have to drink something. I am always sick; That's why I can not sleep at night, of course I'm broken in the daytime and then sleep constantly, which messes up my whole rhythm. Have it with ginger tea tasted, with a lemon smell, etc. Somehow, not really helps.
Sorry that I pulled it too long, but what can I do? Or do I just have to wait and take everything and hope it gets better?
Thank you already for your answers


  • reply - 1: Hello Sabush,

    There is already a thread pregnancy problems and you are definitely not alone. I also never manage to drink 2l, but I do not have that before the SS. There are many tips and tricks you could test for nausea. From seabands, via Vomex, Nausema or Agyrax as medicines you might want to address with the FA anyway. It also helps some to always have a certain smell as a glass or similar. to reduce the nausea. Also, just a snack so really only a bit to have something in the stomach the same I would try with the drink. Just swallow and then see what's inside.

    I would close here then and maybe you look in the above thread for tips.

    best regards
    Zenzi from the mod team

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