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get our 2nd child. Is anyone still so afraid of birth? Had my 1st son a birth arrest. Then came the suction cup, manual placental ablation, very high blood loss, passed with every woe. Now I'm in a panic that everything comes back.



  • reply - 1: That would be a reason for a caesarean section ... I stand so neutral regarding Caesarian section .. even if these vilify many, but I think in your situation, this might be appropriate ...
  • reply - 2: My first birth was not so tingling. Sheets on her stomach, a doctor then stopped you there and then baby with a suction cup, but she ran away, then came the pliers. Torn in several layers up to the popo. Sewn three quarters of an hour without anesthesia. I also had some panic about the new delivery for a while, but I made myself a mix of Bach flowers. Now I am relatively relaxed. Above all, I tell myself, if the signs go back in this direction, I'll make an imperial cut. My boy was a stargazer.
    I'm basically not a friend of kaiserschnitt, but I find that it makes a difference, if I'm because it fits in with the quasi-calendar or because I have medical concerns.
  • reply - 3: Actually, I'm not a friend of his caesarean section. I read in there once. It's not that bad either. Will definitely try it first. Have thought about getting an appointment in the hospital and discuss everything with the doctors and midwives. They will also have the course of the first birth in the file. (It has to be done :-))
  • reply - 4:

    At the birth of my first daughter, I had a PDA and they gave me painkillers that it went forward. The child (4370 g) was also brought in with a suction cup and had a III degree degree of rupture. Placenta did not dissolve and had to be fetched manually and large blood loss. I was also briefly absent and had to vomit. My husband was sent away with the daughter and there were quickly a lot of people in the room. I got an iron infusion twice.

    Before the birth of my second daughter, I thought so too of my thoughts and it was advised me to deal with the issue of caesarean section, if the child is so heavy again. Two days before the appointment it was said that the child is probably over 4000 g. So had my fears. Then, 3 days later, my little one was in a hurry. From the first pull until I held her in my arms, 75 minutes passed. That with my grandmother alone at home. We were then taken by ambulance to the hospital, where this time the placenta came out, but I lost a lot of blood afterwards. Dammriss this time 'only' II degree and child weighed 4290 g.

    Now I'm pregnant with the third child and am no longer so relaxed about the journey to the hospital. The rest, I know that I can pack it and because of blood loss will hopefully also looked good because of the history.

  • reply - 5: Carina are you so nice and change the title again in "Fear of childbirth" then everyone can talk about it !? LG Elf
  • reply - 6: Hello Carina,

    my first birth was really horror too.
    Only the bubble jump without contractions, then the hour-long introduction without the baby slipped into the pelvis. The end of the song was that they turned up the woo drop to full stop and I had 8 hours of labor without a break.
    Thereafter, the cervix was 9 cm open, when they found that an infection had left through the open bladder which made it necessary to finish everything very quickly, while my son could no longer endure the stress of long-term labor and reacted with bad heart sounds.
    So 9cm open Mouth mouth .... Kind push back .... and caesarean section.
    I can not believe it today :-).

    At the time, I was also terrified of the second birth and spoke already in the third month of the SS on the delivery and possible horror scenarios.

    Also, I thought then about a planned KS .... but also knew that this childbirth COULD be different and I wanted my second child (and me) not the chance to take a "beautiful birth".

    At that time I decided to give birth in a very small KH in which it was very intimate to go. For delivery I brought my own midwife. With the midwife I have previously agreed what is for me and what is not, so ne kind of tough birth plan.
    On my list stood (as selfish as that sounds) ... things like:
    No heel drop .... before Caesarean section!
    My midwife unconditionally accepted all of my points, which made it a lot easier for me, so when the time came I really relaxed and fell.

    Today I am happy about this decision, because this birth was very different and I needed no help and not even painkillers. This second birth is in retrospect a wonderful memory and I think she was healing for me, because of my 3rd childbirth I think much more relaxed and not panic.

    Maybe you also find a great midwife who is ready to go with you a birth path in which you simply exclude some things from the outset and then you decide (during the birth) prematurely but still for a KS!

  • reply - 7: My first birth was also no fun, with initiate, pain many days, a lot of blood and dammriss, etc., but I must say for me from the point at which I have noticed that the child is in danger, I have nothing from the outside I could hear more. I was completely in me with my head and pain and exhaustion no longer gabs. Just close your eyes and go! When the little one was there and shouting everything was gone for me proverbially! Even when everything was running wild in the keissaal, my head was with my mom and the dwarf next to me in a rocking chair :-) I am also quite proud with my child to the station. At the second time I was afraid that everything would turn out like that, but my hebi had calmed me down really well and the birth was Wednesday comes my hebi for the first time and I'm really looking forward, because I do not know how it will this time.
  • reply - 8: Oh, I also often had to think about the subject of birth. And I am afraid that everything will be so difficult and take a long time.
    16 days before ET, my daughter had a high bladder tear and came to the clinic by ambulance. Then soon had mild contractions but not enough so I was introduced with gel and tablets had contractions but the MM did not go was at 2 cm. On the third day I came to the Wehentropf and even after a few hours said the doctor of MM is still at 2 cm. I did not want to believe it and could not stand the pain anymore and asked for a PDA. The doctor did not want to decide and so I had to wait another 2 hours for the senior physician. Then I got the PDA and slept because I was so finished and lo and behold, the MM went to sleep in 8 cm. I stupidly have the PDA sprayed on me again and I did not tolerate the circulatory system am shortly collapsed and vomited. At some point I finally had contractions but unfortunately Fenja was not deep enough in the pool and I had no strength left. But she had to get out. The doctor felt for me for an eternity rum on my stomach. Oh yes, the amniotic sac was also opened by the Hebamne because it did not burst. I was cut dan and I'm still torn 3 degrees. And sometime in the night our angel was finally here.
    My current midwife, of course, gives me courage and says that it was a stupid starting position at the time and that this will definitely not happen again. As bad I also felt that in these 3 days until Fenja was there so many people (midwives, doctors) have examined vaginally. I will make a plan with my Hebi and set what I want and what not. And I hope it gets better and I can be more happy after the birth.
  • reply - 9: My first birth was also very bad from the pain ago (star ginger child). After this horror I also had panic before the second birth. I can only advise you to find a good midwife who can take away your fears, support you, etc. That helped me and I had a great second birth.
  • reply - 10: This is my first pregnancy.
    I spent the days with a friend during a talk by dr. Louwen (University Hospital Frankfurt). He was really great !!!
    Has explained exactly when and why it can come in the three phases to severe pain or a stoppage. All second mommies present have their own birth with the respective problems etc. Recognized.
    Z. B hours of blowing without opening the mouth. Or half-opened mumund is again stuck, because the child is already on it.
    If you come up close, it really pays off !!
    Lecture is the 2. + 4. Monday 18:30 and lasts until about 21 o'clock

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