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My little 6m4w cries a lot during the day, especially when I leave the room for a short time or do not always watch her! Even when eating, she cries a lot! NIGHT always wakes up every half hour to hour on can hardly calm down until about 12: 00 clock 1. Then she sleeps until 6 o'clock do not know what to do thanks Claudia


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    Maybe the little mouse gets teeth. That sounds like it.

  • reply - 2: Either development spurt and / or teeth ...
  • reply - 3: that was my first thought! In addition, it may be that she is in a thrust, that was with us so ... There are Osanitkugelchen (homeopathic from the pharmacy), the good help or otherwise Dentinox (there in every drugstore or in the supermarket).
  • reply - 4: We bought both (Osanit and Dentinox) in the pharmacy today.
  • reply - 5: Thank you also thought of teeth but doctor said you had not stopped Zahnt synonymous to salivate, so I can not synonymous make a guess what is going on! Will ask for the means you know what could still be?
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    Sounds very much like your situation, have a look! best regards

  • reply - 7: The teeth push so long first through the jaw, because you see nothing, but it feels strange to painful ..
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    Yes, so it was with Lena too. She was always nagging and cried. Suddenly wanted her vial only cold and not warm ....... but you saw nothing on the gums and no red cheeks (and what everyone else have said so).


    And suddenly the first tooth was there.

    Then it went on "quietly" weiter.Also patience

  • reply - 9: Could she possibly have a middle ear infection? Pain? Know me, they are very unbearable and since the little ones can not say otherwise, they are crying a lot. Did she have an infection or something recently? Let's check that by the doctor.
  • reply - 10: At that age, the little ones often realize that they and Mom are different people. This is of course an extreme and new thought for them, so they want to be with Mom all the time. Our little one has it too (30th week). But it is still not quite as extreme as you describe it. But it was quite awesome tonight when falling asleep (30min cry). Otherwise he always falls asleep relatively quickly and calmly. At night, he often awake, then cries and does not want to sleep, he sleeps only currently in bed a little better. So maybe it can, and not the teeth?

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