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When do you pack your clinic bag and what do you take with you?

I did not have any with the first child, always postponed it, and then it was too late 


  • reply - 1: I had too much with me last time.
    For me, there are sweatpants, slippers, socks, nursing tops, hygiene items, slippers and a cuddly jerkin, in case it should be fresher.
    Then muesli bars or something, depending on whether the hungry should come.
    For the baby an outfit for the home.
    I think that's it.

    Maybe I will only give birth on an outpatient basis, but in case I stay there is definitely a small bag (the decision is not yet ...).

    And in addition salami sticks for after and the family must spoil me then with liver sausage and salami rolls. 

  • reply - 2: I was at the big already stationary there and there was a KS, so nothing was packed with bag ....
    I think not too much, comfortable and not too warm, because in the KH is often very warm. At that time I was running around the big part with shorts in November.
    Will certainly pack a bag for the man with snacks and drinks if the birth takes a little longer. I am indeed supplied by the KH ....
    As well as a bag for the little one, if we have to deliver it quickly somewhere with grandma, girlfriend or something.
  • reply - 3: I packed everything from the 36th week. I did not have so many things with me. I also often heard that one packs a bag for the birth and then a second bag, which the man brings later.

    identity card
    insurance card
    two nursing bras
    2 - 3 Comfortable, wide (still) tops
    2 - 3 Cozy pants
    Cosmetic products (pröbchen)

    For the baby clothes for a photo shoot + the ride home
    The first days in the. KH Jona has only worn things from the KH

    Maybe something to drink / muesli bar

  • reply - 4: I've already packed, because we expect because of my previous history with a possible hospitalization or a premature birth and I do not want to stress my husband then additional.

    I have packed up so far
    - comfortable things, sleeping things
    - warm socks
    - flip-flops
    - medium sized towel + washcloth
    - thick bandages (went to my son at least then to my dismissal)
    - Dry shampoo
    - small cosmetic bag with the most necessary

    Not packed but on the list to quickly pack them
    - Travel Pillows
    - Headphones, charging cable, reader
    - juice, small snacks

    For the moth, I will then put an outfit for home ride together with the infant carrier ready.

  • reply - 5: Luckily I would have just packed them just in time last time my little one came 2.5 weeks earlier.
    This time I will pack my bag earlier, probably in early March. Then this is done and ready.
    come in:
    2-3 jogging pants
    pajamas (possibly top with buttons to breastfeed)
    2-3 not too tight tops / nursing tops
    Hygiene products
    Home-go romper and body for the mouse

    Still-bra's I have yet to grow 

  • reply - 6: Ohja charging cable and towel. Right. I forgot.

    And packing a bag for the big pack if he has to go to the grandma is also a good idea. I did not think about that.

  • reply - 7: Since I'm going to give birth to my parents in the district, so the plan (260km away), I will have packed only two weeks before Et everything, even for my daughter who comes along ...
    At my daughter, I had them packed so only about two weeks before Et.
  • reply - 8: I will pack my bag in my mid / end of March vacation. But have ever put together a list that resembles yours here.

    Somewhere I've read that you should use a scented shower gel / shampoo as possible in the first time, so that the baby smells the mom and not pomegranate - grapefruit - avocado - shampoo. I thought that was good and it was also a shopping tip, but I can not find it anymore.

    Do you have a tip for such a shower?

  • reply - 9: I do not remember what I had with me the first time. I was in the KH on Tuesday and stumbled over a list. I took a picture of you. I hope you can read it
  • reply - 10: Part 2

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