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Child is running blue


Hello you had love that one of you also schonmal observed the day before yesterday, I have lined and it did not work out as he wanted so he then back threw himself and screamed as if I want him something bad then I noticed that he completely blue legs and feet got looked as if a jeans rub off 5 minutes later it was gone again I was already at the doctor and he says I should not have any thoughts the pulse would be okay on both sides that happens schonmal but worry I'll make me anyway is actually one sign of bad circulation .......


  • reply - 1: Aimilia has basically blue feet. sometimes also legs and hands .. with her that probably comes through the hole in the heart. Her blood pressure was also oxygen and ekg super! She is just just blue and often not really cold: D
    Maybe you'll watch him if that happens more often? Or maybe it was just because he was so excited and who it was then a little cooler .. If that happens again, you can even talk to the doctor and ask if you get a referral to a cardiologist.
    But I would not worry so first when he is fine and it was the first time
  • reply - 2: before that I never noticed because he always has a pair of pants or pantyhose on but at the moment my heart has slipped into my pants =)
  • reply - 3: Yes, I know :-) when I see the look of other people when you see the blue feet, I always laugh. It's normal for me and I can not do anything about it but others are always shocked.
    With you it was maybe just a combination of annoying excitement and just no pants on
  • reply - 4: So today I've taken care of it again so everytime he quasi cries on foot, the legs are quite stiff
  • reply - 5: is normal when they scream away .. they cramp, so to speak and everything pulsates thus functiniert the circulation in the moment not right .. so best calm down immediately ..
  • reply - 6: It may be due to the thin baby skin. The veins seem to be stronger. And when he gets upset, then all the more.

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