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How do I heat the milk bottle?

There are two methods to heat freshly mixed milk bottles for your baby.

  1. In a water bath Put the bottle with the pumped breast milk or the mixed instant milk into a pot of hot water and wait until the milk has reached the desired temperature.

  2. In the electric bottle warmer The easiest and safest way to properly temper the milk bottles is the electric bottle warmer, which you can buy at the baby shop. He is simple and very comfortable to use. A warm-up cycle takes about 4-6 minutes. Later, you can also heat the finished porridge in this device. Bottle warmers are available from about 15 euros.

Heating in the microwave is not recommended, because the food in principle is heated to different degrees. There have been bad accidents where babies have burns in the mouth and throat area. In addition, the high levels of warming destroy important nutrients in the milk. If the microwave is used, then do not forget to shake the bottle vigorously after heating.

To check the temperature of the milk, drip a few drops from the bottle onto the inside of your wrists. Since the skin at this point is extremely thin and therefore very sensitive, this is really a reliable method for temperature testing. If the drops feel pleasantly warm, then the temperature is just right.

Does your baby get Intant food from milk powder?
Then it is very important that you make each milk meal fresh. If there is something left, pour it away. Under no circumstances should you keep the rest in the refrigerator and offer it to the child again later. Because storing instantbaby milk or reheating it for too long causes harmful bacteria to multiply.

On the way, it's best to bring separately freshly boiled water in a thermos and milk powder. It is best if the water is over 60 ° C hot, so that no germs can form. If necessary, prepare the milk meal freshly. Maybe the milk has to cool off a bit before you can give the bottle to your offspring.

Never take pre-prepared instant baby milk with you in an insulated bottle. In this warm environment the harmful pathogens can multiply rapidly.

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