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Hello I have since today so pain in the abdomen that is not that they come and go the pain is permanent .... and chuckle woe what could that be ??


  • reply - 1: hey ... have you already asked your midwife?
    In which SSW are you?
    Could be blowing!
  • reply - 2: hello so either sink but believe I do not blow are not constantly there. That is certainly your pubic bone or basin you may have strained too much. For me it was also the basin it just always hurt no matter what I did but knew that it could not be a blow is namely my 2 ss I then rested a while and it went after a few days again but my doctor informed well And now I had premature labor two weeks later, but by magnesium and rest was also again, although it is with the peace of such a thing in a small child. But I would definitely call your midwife and rest me first and take a bath. And if you know what your midwife tells you can still go to the hospital all good lg
  • reply - 3: Let me prescribe a symphysal belt .. and see if it gets better dan ^^
    your bones are now "softer" by the hormones I had that too .. but my midwife was sure that this comes from my pelvis .. now I have this belt .. yes, it looks stupid but I was free to complain long ..
    meanwhile he does not help anymore :-(
    heuuuul ..

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