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Can I store prepared baby food in the fridge?

Baby food should generally be freshly prepared. Even with milk powder, the instant milk must always be freshly prepared. Storage of an uneaten meal is not recommended, either at room temperature or in the refrigerator.

The reason for this is that dried milk foods contain low bacterial counts. However, they are present in such small quantities that they still meet the standards of the WHO and the European Commission. However, if the milk is kept for a longer time at room temperature, it is a very good breeding ground for Enterobacter and other germs. However, the germs also multiply by heating slowly (less than 60 degrees) - so once cooled down food should never be reheated.

When freshly preparing the milk with water and milk powder, the water must always be heated above 60 ° C and then cooled to body temperature. This process takes about half an hour. Even heating of the prepared milk by microwaves to temperatures around 80-90 degrees leads to the extensive killing of harmful germs. Nevertheless, they should not do this a second time with the milk food - broken, not eaten meals belong in the sink!

Propagation of Enterobacter sakazakii in prepared milk formula can cause serious infections in infants, especially in the first few weeks of life. Therefore, experts recommend that powdered milk formula and opened liquid food not be exposed to room temperature for more than four hours.

It is better to fill boiled water in a thermos bottle and to quickly prepare the milk as needed. In any case, wait until the milk has cooled down enough for your child to drink safely.

Note: Milk from milk powder is not suitable for freezing.


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