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Doodling and painting

At the age of 12 to 18 months, your child may make the first typing attempts by scribbling characters on the paper, and at some point between the 18th and 24th months, you'll probably be surprised to paint vertical, horizontal lines and circles as well.

Praise your child for his scribble because it is the foundation for completely new abilities. To paint with a crayon trains fine motor skills, such as grasping and holding, as well as the imagination and the imagination.

Give the young artist a big sheet of thick paper and glue it to the table - after all, nothing hinders creativity more than a dismayed cry from Mama as the colored pencil slips on the tablecloth or drills a hole in the newspaper. Thick, sturdy crayons or washable pens in the primary colors (to avoid over-supply) are a good choice. If your child is not interested, then offer him an alternative: street chalk or paper pinned to a board.

And do not forget the finger painting. Keeping and using a work tool is important, but painting with your fingers is just as good an exercise for your child's fine motor skills and creativity. If you do not feel like having finger paints, try printing. Hand and footprints on paper are a great gift wrap.

Or you use his interest in nature and paint leaves, acorns, carrot pieces or flower petals with paint, to use them as homemade stamps. If you are one of the brave ones, let your child paint with yoghurt or colored fruit juice - this way he can train his motor skills and lick his fingers with pleasure!

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