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the air too bad, nature too little, food too much treated - that's why we are back in Germany a few months earlier than originally thought.


  • reply - 1: has e.g. anyone experience with ABC: Jogger Moving Light?
  • reply - 2: we have a tfk buggster. I am really satisfied. Do not shake, be very small, fit in even big ones. If you are well used.
  • reply - 3: We have a Hartan x1 and are super satisfied.
  • reply - 4: We also have the tfk Buggster and find it good ...
  • reply - 5: Gesslein Swift here
  • reply - 6: Britax b-agile! And Herlag bolzano!
  • reply - 7: We had the moving light shortly, that was awful !!! Everything rattling and mini seat
  • reply - 8: Yes hihi inga is an expert after she has extensively tested. ;)
  • reply - 9: Haha is true, inga had them all; O)
  • reply - 10: Tfk buggster, we are thrilled!

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