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Hello I'm new here and wanted to introduce myself.I am 35 years old and expect my first Kind.bin today 8 + 0 and have only in two weeks a new date, which shows me hopefully that everything is good.I am pleased me on new acquaintances


  • reply - 1: Hello I am 19 and I am getting my second child I am now in the 11 + 0
  • reply - 2: Hi, I'm 35 and expect my 1st baby, Ssw 10 + 3
  • reply - 3: Nice to see that I am not the only one who gets her first child "so late"
  • reply - 4: Ditto Yes, according to outdated age, we belong to the "retired" 
  • reply - 5: Hello Wurmli,
    welcome. Take a look around, you'll find interesting tips here. In the table of contents you can see which threads already exist. Helpful tips for opening new topics can be found in our rules
    I copy you into the introductory round and close here.

    Lg, Van - ModTeam.

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