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Huhu :-)
is there any more pregnant girls from Dresden with whom you can exchange something?

I am 26 and my ET is 06.12.2014


  • reply - 1: Hello MamaMaja1,

    I am also from Dresden. ;) My ET is the 01.12. and I can hardly wait for it now. I am 23 and the first time pregnant.

    Lovely wishes.

  • reply - 2: That's great :-) Oh yes, I can not wait and I wonder how I endure until December :-)
  • reply - 3: Huhu! Although not directly from dresden but from the environment-free. :-)
    I am 25 and also pregnant for the first time. My ET is the 13.12!
    Can not wait for the next us to finally see the little worm again! :-)
  • reply - 4: Hello you love.
    Unfortunately, I'm not from Dresden but from the Chemnitz area. I hope that's okay?
    I am 25 and for the third time pregnant. My ET is the 29.12.
    I already had two FG, but now I hope the best that our New Year's Eve baby stays with us.
    Have you already noticed ailments or anything else concerning the SS?
    Best regards
  • reply - 5: Huhu ... Finally there is a thread for pregnant mum from Dresden and surroundings I am 27, I am from Dresden and my ET is 05.12.14
  • reply - 6: Hello everyone.
    I am Marion 25 and my ET is 05.12.14. Am the first time pregnant and looking forward to our desired child. My partner and I are diligent students and live in the middle of Neustadt.
    And on the subject of pain ... I was sick of the nausea.
    How are you?
    best regards
  • reply - 7: ;-) the nausea I have successfully behind me ... I just feel gaaaaaanz normal and if I did not know that I'm pregnant I would not notice ... All signs have disappeared ...
  • reply - 8: @ Rabbit: are you lucky. Hope now comes the beautiful part. ;)

    Now we are looking forward to the next highlight, to learn what it is now. Someone who is surprised? So we really want to know. Wish us a little rifle.
    Greetings Marion;)

  • reply - 9: I did not want to know what it would be and when I told my husband, he lay laughing on the floor because I could never stand it ... And I have to admit he's right ... but for family and friends we keep it a secret and surprise you with it
  • reply - 10: I even joined in with me.

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