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Prepare vial

In the beginning it can be a bit tricky to prepare a bottle for your child. Take your time for the first few times and measure all the ingredients exactly. The routine comes by itself.

In the meantime, ready-to-drink or already portioned instant milk is available. All you have to do is add the required amount of water.

Before you start preparing

Make sure all bottle equipment (bottle, teat, cap etc.) is sterilized and that you have dry hands.

milk preparation

Prepare each milk meal exactly as indicated on the package. If you are traveling with your offspring, simply take an insulated flask with freshly boiled water and prepare the bottle as needed. In general, make sure that you take the correct amount of milk powder. If you take too little powder, the milk will be "too thin" and your baby will not grow.

If the milk is too rich, your baby will overeat and dehydrate on the side. You are in a vicious circle: your child is always more thirsty and will probably cry more often. You give him more of the rich milk to drink - your baby dehydrated by increasing and can get really sick.

  1. Always bring fresh water to a boil and let it slowly cool again. The water must be heated to at least 60 ° C and then allowed to cool for about 30 minutes.
  2. Check the necessary amount of water and powder.
  3. Now fill the required amount of water into the bottle. It is important that you first put the water in the bottle so that the milk gets the correct concentration.
  4. Check the amount of water in the bottle by kneeling once and reading the water level in the bottle at eye level. If you look from above, reading errors can occur.
  5. Now add the specified amount of milk powder to the bottle according to the package instructions. Use the attached measuring spoon.
  6. To always measure the same amount per measuring spoon, smooth it with a knife and do not press the powder into the measuring spoon.
  7. Pay attention to the correct number of scoops.
  8. Now close the bottle with the appropriate cap and then shake it vigorously until the milk powder has completely dissolved.
  9. Before you hand your bottle to the baby, always check the milk temperature. If the milk is too hot, then cool it by holding the bottle under cold water. You can check the temperature by dripping a few drops on the inside of your wrist. If the temperature is pleasant there, it is the same for your baby.

Storage of milk food

You should never keep stirred instant milk, as the milk powder is not sterile per se. Prepared and heated milk food is a very good breeding ground for Enterobacter and other germs, especially at temperatures of 25-45oC. Be sure to dump the leftover milk!

If you want to keep pumped breast milk in the refrigerator, do not do it in the refrigerator door, but in the fridge inside, where it is cooler (5 degrees or lower).

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